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Beauty After COVID-19

Several of you are open for business. Now what?
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Did You Know We’re Partners with Cotton LEADS?

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Apply, Remove, Exfoliate: Choosing the Right Disposable Wipes

When it comes to facials, body treatments, and waxing, it's never a good idea to use one type of disposable esthetic wipe to apply, remove, or exfoliate. Intrinsics has specific disposable wipes that ...
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Intrinsics Spa Spotlight: Kayla Mitchell Makeup

Located in Florence, AL & Santa Rosa Beach, FL, Kayla Mitchell Makeup is owned by licensed aesthetician Kayla Mitchell (of course), who strives to create fresh, flawless faces for her customers ...
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Intrinsics Spa Spotlight: Skin Deep Aesthetics and Makeup Designs

On Old U.S. 20, in Elkhart, IN, lies Skin Deep Aesthetics and Makeup Designs. Owned and operated by Amy Coney, the location offers a broad spectrum of treatments, ranging from standard facials to ...
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