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Intrinsics Spa Spotlight: Kayla Mitchell Makeup

kmLocated in Florence, AL & Santa Rosa Beach, FL, Kayla Mitchell Makeup is owned by licensed aesthetician Kayla Mitchell (of course), who strives to create fresh, flawless faces for her customers down south. According to Kayla's website, she has a wonderful goal, which is "to make you feel as pampered and fabulous as a celebrity."

With a meticulous attention to detail, Kayla offers perfect brows, full-body waxing, and glam makeup applications. Aside from helping her clients achieve the healthiest skin possible, Kayla also provides treatments on-the-go through her luxury mobile beauty service.

As our latest spa spotlight, Kayla took the time to answer our five questions, which always lets us (and our customers) know a little more about her business, and which Intrinsics products she likes most.

Tell us a little bit about the history of your spa.

Founded in 2008 as a mobile makeup service, I broadened the scope of my practice in 2014 by opening a spa suite in North Alabama. Finding great success in this—and being a gypsy at heart—I decided to further expand and open a second location in Destin, FL, in 2016.

How did you discover Intrinsics' products?
I first discovered Intrinsics through an online spa supply company called Universal Companies.

Is there a reason why your spa chooses to use Intrinsics' products over other brands?
I use Intrinsics in my services because the quality is unsurpassed. I know I can always rely on this brand to deliver exceptional products each and every time.

What Intrinsics products do your customers appreciate most?
My clients love the Compressed Sponges that my clients get to take home at the end of every facial. They love this something extra that makes them feel pampered.

Do you have a particular Intrinsics product that you consider your favorite?
I love the Compressed Sponges myself. It's one of the reasons why I give them to my clients. I love sharing my favorite products with my clients. When a product is this great, you can't help but share it!

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