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Apply, Remove, Exfoliate: Choosing the Right Disposable Wipes

When it comes to facials, body treatments, and waxing, it's never a good idea to use one type of disposable esthetic wipe to apply, remove, or exfoliate. Intrinsics has specific disposable wipes that work best for each of these three esthetic treatments, and using the correct product can save you time and money, too. For example, 100% cotton wipes are more absorbent, so why would you use this wipe to apply products to a client's skin? Using cotton wipes for removal makes far more sense, simply based on the product's absorbency. Today we'll walk you through each step of our suggested regimen, and explain how we've color-coded our wipes so you can make the right choice for each esthetic treatment you are performing.


For product application, poly/rayon (blended) products work best. Since these blended single-use wipes are non-linting and only moderately absorbent, that makes them perfect for applying facial products to the skin, or for applying cooling gels and creams following a wax treatment. We want to ensure that the facial products you apply end up on your client's skin, and not within the wipe you're using (and ultimately in the trash). That's why we suggest using a moderately absorbent option for application.

Whenever you see a red Intrinsics package that indicates that the Intrinsics product is a blend. Our popular 4 x 4 and 2 x 2 Silken Wipes are a perfect example of this type of product.


When it comes to removal, 100% cotton really shines. One of cotton's most impressive properties is its absorbency. Why would you not want to use one of the fiber's greatest strengths when it comes to removal? 100% cotton products are just abrasive enough to work well here, all while remaining suitable for clients with sensitive skin. And when we talk about saving time and money, removal illustrates this aspect perfectly. It would take multiple poly/rayon wipes to remove products from the face or body, while in most cases one 100% cotton product would do the trick.

Any time you see a green Intrinsics package, you're looking at a 100% Pure Cotton Intrinsics product. Our 4 x 4 and 2 x 2 100% Pure Cotton Wipes are a strong example of products that are ideal for removal.


For exfoliation, the level of abrasion becomes more important. 100% cotton isn't quite abrasive enough—but gauze, or a cotton-filled gauze product, is. While gauze products are widely used to exfoliate skin during facial treatments, they also remove nail polish really well, too. Once again, you should keep gauze products in your tool box simply for maximum effectiveness. Exfoliation is a critical aspect of any facial or body treatment. Once again, using the right wipes—and not settling by using a simple esthetician wipe for everything—ensures your clients are receiving the best treatments possible and helps you save time and money.

Blue Intrinsics packaging represents products that are a good fit for services that require exfoliation. Our 4 x 4 and 2 x 2 12 Ply Gauze are products in this category that many of our customers love.

Follow This Wipe Regimen for Service Success

All of our suggestions here come from wanting to ensure that you are using the most effective wipes possible at the most opportune time. When we talk about time and cost savings, that's really what we mean. Using a wipe for what it's designed for is always a best practice, and you, along with their clients, will benefit greatly.

Do you have any product-related regimens that you follow in your professional spa and salon? If so, feel free to share them in the Comments section below.

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