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Intrinsics Spa Spotlight: Skin Deep Aesthetics and Makeup Designs

SDA_logoOn Old U.S. 20, in Elkhart, IN, lies Skin Deep Aesthetics and Makeup Designs. Owned and operated by Amy Coney, the location offers a broad spectrum of treatments, ranging from standard facials to massages.

Amy also offers a variety of specialty facial services, such as acne treatment facials, Diamond DermaFile Resurfacing, LED phototherapy, and CIT for scars and aging, amongst others.

Amy uses Intrinsics products in her treatments—which obviously pleases us immensely. As our latest spa spotlight, Amy took the time to answer a few questions about herself, as well as discuss our line of single-use spa and salon products.

Tell us a little bit about the history of your spa.

I opened Skin Deep Aesthetics in 2013 with no clientele and the bare necessities in equipment and supplies. Every cent I made went into more education, supplies, and equipment. I now offer a very wide variety of services to a diverse clientele, and am loving every minute of it!

How did you discover Intrinsics' products?

I think I saw an ad or it might have been a colleague's recommendation. I went to the website, ordered some samples, and have been hooked ever since.

Is there a reason why your spa chooses to use Intrinsics' products over other brands?

They are great quality for great prices.

What Intrinsics products do your customers appreciate most?

Pink Heart Compressed Sponges. When I use these disposable sponges, I send them home with the clients and they love them. I also tell them that for each pair I give away I donate $1.00 to cancer research.

Do you have a particular Intrinsics product that you consider your favorite?

Pink Heart Compressed Sponges and Gauze Facial Masks. I can't choose just one!

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