Oh my gourd, we love fall manicures!

It is no secret that we all adopt beauty trends that coincide with the seasons. Perhaps one of the most interesting forms of expression during the fall is nail art. Using seasonal colors with accents, Halloween graphics, and fall imagery are all great ways to jazz up any manicure during this time of year.

We took our search for the best fall mani trends to the virtual streets of Instagram and found some awesome examples of nail techs doing it right.

Seasonal Colors with (pumpkin) Spice

These are all prime examples of how to use traditional fall colors enhanced with sparkle and shine. Whether you’re sticking with one color like nails.by.amina, using several harmonizing colors like katv865, or using one base color with a fantastic sparkle accent like renegade_studios, you’re guaranteed to get a second look with these nails.




Go Nude

Another fun trend is the ‘nude’ accent nail paired with a gorgeous, seasonal color. Beautifulnailsalways and doll_house_nails_and_beauty exhibit this perfectly. Nothin’ says classy like pairing a nude color with deep, rich colors like ruby red and forest green. These colors will perfectly match any fall outfit. Sweater dress season, anyone?!

doll_house_nails_and_beauty beautifulnailsalways@dollhousenailsandbeauty                              @beautifulnailsalways


Dress Up!

There is no more unique way to say “Happy Fall!” like themed nails! A fellow Halloween-lover can opt for the illustrative route, like rachelglamm‘s spook-tacular rendition of The Nightmare Before Christmas. Now that’s a conversation starter! Or nailzealot, inspired by nature, who took these bare tree nails to the next level with a complementary brown base color.

 rachelglammnailzealot                              @rachelglamm                                     @nailzealot



If you happen to prefer a more minimal mani during the fall, nail designs like these are great for you! Black base with a colored gleam, gem-like accent nail from nailoholic_nina, says you’re feelin’ spooky, but you’re here for the party. Or even a light smattering of orange sparkle on a black base for a wicked awesome look, like in sj_kristina’s work.



sj_kristina @sj_kristina


These four fall manicure trends are only skimming the surface of all that Instagram’s most talented nail techs have to offer. We found brilliant colors paired with sparkles, shines, and seasonal imagery, which gave us inspiration for our own nail art this autumn.

Now go paint those nails, ghoulfriend!


And remember to remove it with your favorite professional nail tech supplies, like Gel Nail Wipes or Cotton Filled Gauze from Intrinsics, to ensure all that polish gets off...lint free. 😉

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