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Intrinsics Beauty Recipe: Cucumber Rose Water Eye Mask

Simple but effective? Sounds like music to my ears. Our Cucumber Rose Water Eye Mask (courtesy of HelloGlow), used with our Quilted Cotton Rounds, is the perfect way to give your under-eye area the ...
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9 STUNNING Fall Manicures!

Oh my gourd, we love fall manicures! It is no secret that we all adopt beauty trends that coincide with the seasons. Perhaps one of the most interesting forms of expression during the fall is nail ...
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Spotlight On: Jeffrey and Neil Boss of Boss Beauty Supply

If there is such a thing as cosmetology and spa paradise, Boss Beauty Supply is it.
Picture of Intrinsics Intrinsics 10 Min Read

Beauty Treatments for Every Mom

For some one mom, going to the spa is a regular activity. For another, it’s completely out of the ordinary. That doesn’t mean she dislikes getting pampered. To really show her that you’re paying ...
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We’re Not Afraid To Build A Better Cotton Ball

Who blogs about cotton balls? Well, we do. It’s, um, kind of our job. Of course, when one thinks of cotton supplies for salons and spas, the cotton ball probably comes to mind first. It’s been around ...
Picture of William McKee William McKee 1 Min Read
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