The Intrinsics team recently attended one of the largest beauty industry shows in the world: Cosmoprof This year's North America show was held in Las Vegas, NV. Here’s our wrap up:

The Numbers

The annual show attracted 40,000 attendees (up 9% from 2017) with over 1,415 exhibitors (up 10% from 2017). The attendees and exhibitors represented over 56 countries (up from 45 in 2017). Professional beauty represented about 49% of the exhibitors, while 35% of the attendees were distributors/buyers. The biggest increase in attendees this year were the professional operators, which now makes up 22% of the attendees. Professional operators are estheticians and skin care professionals, nail technicians, stylists/cosmetologists, barbers, students, and school owners/operators.


Speaking of vendors, this year’s Intrinsics booth featured a caricature artist, Ken Hofbauer.  He stayed busy creating portraits for two days straight. We not only brought the artist in to help our visitors relax--as the show can be quite hectic--but also to give them a souvenir of the 2018 show. It was a huge success, thanks to Kristi duPlessis our internal marketing designer for arranging Ken Hofbauer.


Intrinsics C.A.R.E.s

At Intrinsics we cherish both the relationship with the distributor and the professional operators. Cosmoprof allows us to successfully nurture these relationships by working with the distributor and also introducing our line of products to the professional operators.


Our star products at Cosmoprof were the NEW 3” 100% Cotton Ovals and the 4 key players in the Intrinsics C.A.R.E. regimen.


Our C.A.R.E. regimen focuses on our top-selling products: Gentle Cleansing Towels, Silken Wipes, 100% Cotton Wipes, and 100% Cotton-filled Gauze. Distributors loved the C.A.R.E. presentation, because it enables them to easily sell our products as an entire facial process. Professional operators thought that it was easy to follow, especially since the products are color-coded.


The NEW 3” 100% Cotton Ovals were also a big success at the show. We had many distributors ordered the product and a lot of Professional Operators walk away with sample packs. Request your FREE sample here.


Using Is Believing

At Intrinsics, our motto is Using Is Believing. At this year’s Cosmoprof show, we collected a couple quotes from visitors on why the choose Intrinsics:


Deborah Luscomb, owner of emme Nail and Spa, was noted saying, “I have always loved Intrinsics, but tended to always just use a couple products for everything. The C/A/R/E regimen will help me focus on better results for my customers by using the recommended Intrinsics product for my services.  I can also see this as a way to save me precious time and money. Thank you Intrinsics!”


Mandy Slusarczyk, owner of The Art of Beauty, said “The Cotton Oval is going to be great, I can already think of 100 different ways my customers can use this product, I love the shape it’s ergonomically designed, easy to hold and maneuver.  The textured and smooth side, the strength of the product. You can tell it’s made of pure 100% cotton. I can’t wait to try it.”


We can’t believe the 2019 Cosmoprof Show is less than a year away, July 28-30th 2019. See you there!

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