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Wrap Up: International Beauty Exposition 2020

The Intrinsics team recently attended one of the most exciting shows of the year, the International Beauty Exposition!

Did you know that the International Beauty Exposition was formerly known as the Western Buying Conference and Eastern Buying Conference? Despite the new name, this conference has been around since the 1980’s! 

Major industry players like professional beauty distributors, product manufacturers, and OTC stories are among those in attendance, creating, what our sales manager likes to call, the “Power of a Network” all under one roof.



The International Beauty Exposition is a unique opportunity to:

  • See the newest, and finest, beauty products
  • Discover the newest trends
  • Find new professional beauty manufacturers, distributors, and other beauty businesses
  • Meet industry peers and discover ways to expand your sales
  • Make more informed purchasing decisions (Yes, please!) 


This year’s show was another huge success for us! We were able to reunite with old friends and meet a few new ones along the way. There were several new manufacturers displaying this year, which was exciting to see.

Intrinsics rep. Dien Le and customer from Blue Sky. Photo courtesy of https://www.internationalbeautyexposition.com/

As we all continue to grow, we must decide where that growth has the potential to happen; whether it be online, traditional distributors, or directly to end users, growth can be found everywhere. This year’s show seemed to feature a lot of companies selling directly to the consumer. 

Photo courtesy of https://www.internationalbeautyexposition.com/

The beauty biz, as called by many, will continue to grow, as it always has. We look forward to new roads and paths--even with the uncertainties and obstacles they may have--because we know with hardships, also comes tremendous growth! 


Have you ever attended the International Beauty Exposition? Let us know on social! 

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