Wrap Up, Barbershop

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Wrap Up: 2019 NABBA

Dave Albers, our treasured sales manager here at Intrinsics made his annual trip to NABBA (The National Association of Barber Boards of America, that is) to give a presentation and meet the esteemed members of this national board. 

Dave Albers presenting at the annual conference.

Dave gave a presentation on the importance of using sanitary products and practices in the barbershop titled The Power of Peace of Mind: Confident Clients Are Loyal Clients. In his presentation, he discussed the issue of latex allergies, the difference between sanitizing and sterilizing, and the fact that confident clients are return clients. We couldn’t agree more, Dave! He then discussed the security in single-use products; using single-use products greatly reduce the likelihood of any cross-contamination occurring, giving you--and your client--a great peace of mind. 

It’s also worth mentioning that this year marked NABBA’s 93rd annual conference! Yep, you read that right. 93rd! While speaking about his experience at this year’s conference, Dave stressed that one of the greatest parts of attending is seeing the dedication the board members. NABBA is responsible for setting the standards that barbers comply to, as well as keeping professionals educated on the best practices and products. 

A confident barber makes for a confident client. As Dave stated in his presentation, a confident client is a loyal client. 

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