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Wrap Up: Fashion Snoops Webinar

While attending a recent webinar from the Fashion Snoops series ‘Fuel into Fear’, our Sales Director Dave Albers got the inside scoop on how the fashion scene will transform from Fall 2020 into Spring 2021.

The upcoming scene can be defined in three words: edge, wonder, goodness, and can also be translated into natural, mystery, magic. Because of the current events, we are in an era of uncertainty; it’s time to fall back on what makes us feel great, which will also help us look great.


Word associations: Fashion, fear, opened minded, comfort, protection, and safety 

Colors: Gray, brown, black and red. Smokey pastels and grounded color transitions.


People now feel that their products, and their fashion, must have a purpose and be meaningful. They want fashion that affords protection and functionality (think antibacterial materials). One key fashion for Fall 2020 will be loungewear. Yep, we’re just as excited about this as you about this! Loungewear will be trend-ready and utility-driven. We are wearing what makes us feel good, comfort is IN! 



Word associations: Eco-Fantasy, soft is satisfying, luxury moments, and glamour

Colors: Basic white, simple, and skin tones 


People are recognizing that color is more important now than ever. However, the prediction is that people will begin expressing themselves with their softer side. Comfort is still as important in the wonder phase is it was in the edge phase. Fabrics like washable silk, shear mesh, signature straps (utility and function) and lace are all back. These trends must render the illusion of softness, comfort, safety and reality. 




Word associations: Cultural sentiment, within us all, self-love, acknowledge what matters 

Colors: Pink, magenta and basic reality colors 


At our core, we all have goodness inside of us. People’s fashion in Fall 2020 and Spring 2021 will reflect this. We are looking to find satisfaction in the small things and what brings us joy. This, in turn, will help us turn to kind moments, feeling good about genuine interactions with one another. We can express coming togetherness through our thoughts, actions and...you guessed it, our fashion! As a human race, we are looking into people’s core now more than ever; always remember that every act of goodness is born from our desire to be happy. 


We hope you enjoyed our Wrap Up of the Fuel into Fear series from Fashion Snoops. Looking forward to Fall 2020/Spring 2021 fashions? Let us know your favorites on social media


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