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Welcome To A New Intrinsics Era

We all reach a point where we feel like we need a makeover. Companies like us are no different, really. And sure, maybe a makeover carries with it the slight fear of change. But before we go any further, please cast any of your fears completely aside: though at Intrinsics we’ve upgraded our look for the 21st century, the same high-quality spa and salon supplies you rely on are still found behind our bright new logo and packaging. We promise, cross our hearts and hope to die (okay, so we don’t mean that last part literally).

While we could throw a bunch of marketing mumbo-jumbo your way in our best Don Draper voice (for example: our new identity embraces our rich heritage and gives us a younger and fresher look all in one fell swoop, or the new typeface, along with its bold serifs, also makes a statement of simplicity and elegance) we’re just going to spare you all of that. (You’re welcome.) To be honest, all we’re really hoping for is that you think our new logo and packaging looks cool. Seriously.

So the message today is simple: change is good. We have no idea who said that, but we’re just going to use it here because it just makes good sense to. We love our new look, and we obviously hope you do, too. But we also bring up the idea of change because we have some more changes coming down the pipe, specifically for improved—and entirely new!—products. So keep an eye out for more updates coming soon.

Topics:   Catch all, spa and salon supplies, Announcements, website redesign