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Professional Spa Supplies

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Quality Spa Supplies

Your clients expect the best from their salon experience -- each and every time. While you are always welcoming new clients, you understand the value of repeat, loyal clients. They are the backbone of your salon business. Maintaining loyal, repeat clientele requires that you provide a consistently amazing experience. It's all about the details. When your clients come into your business, they are expecting the best, from the atmosphere, to the service, to the products and finally, to the results. Your job is to make sure that they get that experience, each time.

Trusted by Professionals

Sego Lily Spa has used several of Intrinsics’ products for many years and has never been disappointed.

The reason professionals place their faith in our spa products? Because they are the best on the market, bar none. Intrinsics’ broad line of professional spa supplies makes it easy for spa managers to find everything their staff needs in one place. Estheticians know quality when they see it. They want nothing short of the best experience for their clients, which is why they choose Intrinsics for their single-use product needs.

Superior Products Are Part Of A Superior Experience

The products you choose are part of this experience, down to your single-use products. Quality matters, and you want to count on your suppliers to deliver that quality. Intrinsics Professional Spa Supplies is there to ensure that you receive it with each and every order. We are the best in the business at what we do, and our job is to make sure that you are the best, too.

Single-use products may seem like a small thing to most people. Wipes, towels, sponges, neck wraps, paper rolls, and other frequently used supplies don't get much attention, that's for sure. However, they are products that are used day in and day out. They are an integral part of each spa and salon process. If the quality is poor, the clients will notice, and so will you. You can't afford substandard single-use supplies. Your reputation depends on quality. Products that fall apart, don't look and feel good or cause irritation will reflect poorly on your salon.

Intrinsics Is Your Solution

Intrinsics' line of quality salon supplies is backed by years of experience providing customers with the single-use products they need. Our process ensures consistently superior results that you can count on. We have a long history of developing and manufacturing spa and salon supplies for single-use purposes. Our materials and manufacturing process are second to none, and our commitment to quality and service make us the best.

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