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Keeping your Barber Supplies Clean

Asking the right questions about salon, barbershop, and spa sanitation can ensure your peace of mind.

The safety and sanitation of barber shops and barber supplies have been getting a lot of media attention lately, and you may be wondering what measures your stylist, barber, or esthetician take to ensure a clean, sanitary salon, barbershop and spa environment.

Sanitizing vs. Sterilizing

  • You may have wondered why some barber supplies are soaked in sanitizing solution while others are not.  Metal instruments are typically sterilized with dry or steam heat, while reusable items, like combs and hair clips, are sanitized in a special solution that kill germs and other contaminants.  

Single-Use Safety

  • Professional single-use supplies offer the highest level of sanitation—and peace of mind—by reducing the likelihood of cross-contamination simply because they’re used only once.  For example, disposable neck strips not only protect skin from being irritated by capes but also act as a germ barrier. Other single-use barber supplies include disposable towels, wipes, and even manicure items that Disposable towels and wipes protect the skin and hair from irritants and contaminants.  

Latex and Powder Allergies

  • An increasing number of people are allergic to natural rubber latex, and the barber, spa and beauty industry has responded by developing disposable synthetic gloves. These professional single-use supplies give you the peace of mind of knowing you nor your client won’t have an allergic reaction to latex gloves during a salon or barber treatment.  


  • Check to be sure your barbershop or salon displays up to-date licenses for all of their employees. Barber and Cosmetology licensing requirements vary by state, so be sure licenses are for your area.

You have every right to expect the highest standards of safety and sanitation. A barbershop or salon that goes the extra mile to ensure safety when it comes to barber supplies and sanitation cares about its clients and its employees.


Can Esthetic Wipes Create the Perfect Facial?

Skincare routines have grown increasingly complex over the years.  The beauty industry and its consumers understand that skin needs a variety of treatments to maintain that youthful glow. For example, not only have toners been added into the multi-step skincare regimen, but there are different types to target specific areas of concern. There are moisturizers for dry skin, cleansers for oily skin, and thousands of different serums.

So why are you using the same esthetic wipe for everything?!

If you want to personalize your skincare routine and the services offered by your spa, different esthetic wipes are essential to the process. We’ve come up with an easy-to-identify, color-coded system that helps you match esthetic wipes to a process.

Cleanse: Gentle Cleansing Towel

Our Gentle Cleansing Towels are a great tool for cleansing skin before a facial or any area of skin before waxing. 100% hypoallergenic and infused with white tea and bamboo botanicals, these wipes work with any skin type.

Apply: Silken Wipes

Only slightly absorbent, our Silken Wipes are best to use when applying precious treatments because the majority of the product is transferred to the skin, not left on the esthetic wipe. Another bonus: this Silken Wipe is non-linting, which means no residue left behind to clean up before the next product is applied.

Silken Wipes 2x2

Remove: 100% Cotton Wipes

In contrast to the Silken Wipe, the 100% Cotton Wipes are highly absorbent which makes them great for removing product without leaving trace amounts behind. They also provide a gentle level of exfoliation without being abrasive.

Exfoliate: Cotton Filled Gauze Wipes

Even more slightly abrasive, our Cotton Filled Gauze Wipes are the best tool for providing a more direct approach to gentle exfoliation. Whether you use it to remove product, rub in an exfoliant, or even remove nail polish, these wipes are a great addition to the finishing touches of any facial.

To learn more about our 4 Step Facial Process and the products involved, please visit If you’re interested in receiving a sample of each of the products mentioned above, simply fill out this form to receive your pack in the mail.


The Benefits of Natural Botanicals

The 25 Count Cleansing Cloth

Have you ever used a face wipe only to feel like you need to wash your face again? Yeah, us too. Fortunately, our Gentle Cleansing Towels don’t do that.

Gentle Cleansing Towel

One reason: natural botanicals.


Plants have been used for hundreds of years as a cure for many things including skin woes. For example, olive oil, derived from the wild olive tree, was used in ancient Greek facial masks and still serves as a great carrier oil today. In Indian culture, herbs like saffron and turmeric were incorporated into face creams.

Jennifer Hirsch, beauty botanist for The Body Shop, said it best to Best Health mag: “Plants are the most amazing chemists and engineers. It’s really exciting to understand how they work and the great things they can do for your skin.”

So when we set out to create the best facial wipe, we knew integrating natural botanicals was a must. Here are the ones you can find in our Gentle Cleansing Towels:

White Tea: Known for it’s high levels of antioxidants, white tea prevents age-related wrinkles and skin sagging. It also helps fight cancer and arthritis.

white tea botanical

Image c/o T.Tseng via Flickr Creative Commons


Bamboo: A fast-growing plant, bamboo is an eco-friendly way to inject your skincare routine with vitamin rich minerals and amino acids. Hello, hydration!

bamboo botanical


Cucumber: More than just a summer snack, cucumbers contain ascorbic acid and caffeic acid. These work to reduce swelling and skin irritation.

cucumber botanical

Photo by Harshal Hirve on Unsplash


Combining these natural ingredients with our premium cotton, we created a wipe that is  soft and gentle. Use it for daily makeup removal or cleansing before spa treatments. The possibilities are endless and the benefits are noticeable.

Find the Gentle Cleansing Towel at an Intrinsics provider or partner near you.


Why Intrinsics Cotton? The Difference is in the Details

Every salon and spa uses some form of single-use products in daily tasks. Whether it’s cotton balls, wipes, or a different product, you’ve quickly come to realize that some are better than others. Maybe one leaves little lint balls behind or one soaked up product before you could even get it to your client’s face.

But why do certain cotton products do this? They all kind of look the same, right?

One of the main differences in quality and sub-par products is the cotton fiber length.

Since cotton is a naturally occurring fiber, it’s a given that there will be some variation of fiber length, but simply put: the longer the cotton fiber, the stronger the product.

In Intrinsics products, we are committed to using longer cotton fibers in our products. They also have a high micronaire value. Curious what that means? Check out the definitions below.

Micronaire: A measure of cotton fiber quality

-Low micronaire values = Thin, immature fibers

-High micronaire values = thick, mature fibers

So why do those other products leave residue behind?

They’re made out of a lower cost, shorter cotton fiber called “comber”, which is similar to cotton lint or dust. (Think the stuff you pull out of your dryer trap). These are very short fibers that cause fly-aways, lint, and produce a poor quality product.

Take our 100% cotton coil for example.

100% cotton coil

When you use an Intrinsics 100% cotton coil around the hairline, you don’t have to constantly replace the coil or worry about particles getting stuck in your client’s hair. Why?

Because we use long, strong cotton fibers.

When it comes to cotton, Intrinsics doesn’t skimp on quality. The bottom line is this: We use long, 100% cotton fibers with no fillers such as comber, rayon, or polyester.  This means you’re getting the highest form of single-use cotton products on the market, saving you time and money and ensuring we have happy customers. Sounds like a win-win if you ask us!

To learn more about our long history creating quality cotton products and to see our numerous offerings, please visit

Intrinsics Beauty: Soothing Aloe Mask

Aloe vera is the powerhouse when it comes to healing properties. Made of 95% water, the aloe cactus is also easy to grow. For your skin, it can help address many challenges. In acne prone skin, aloe helps fight bacteria on the surface of the skin. For those with oily skin, it acts as a natural, non-greasy moisturizer.

It’s also great for sun-damaged and dry skin, especially after spending a summer in the sun. Try this mask designed by celebrity aesthetician Nerida Joy to help hydrate your skin, but don’t forget to cleanse with our Gentle Cleansing Towels beforehand. The natural botanical will leave your skin feeling fresh and ready to make the most of your aloe treatment.

Soothing Aloe Mask


Removing your mask with a traditional washcloth can be too abrasive for sensitive skin. Instead opt to remove your mask with our Intrinsic Cotton Wipes. They’re pure heaven in a 100% cotton wipe. Try it and you’ll see the difference.

Must-Have Microblading Supplies

One of the newest trends in the beauty world is microblading.

A form of semi-permanent tattooing, microblading gives those with sparse eyebrows a fuller look. Although the idea of tattooing your face might sound extreme, microblading offers pleasing results as long as the esthetician is trained correctly and using the right supplies.

Here are the basic supplies you will need to begin microblading. And don’t forget clean up! Intrinsics 2x2 Cotton Wipes and Vinyl Gloves are essential to the microblading process.

Pen: Your microblading pen is what will hold the various types of blades. Make sure your pen has a good grip to ensure smooth strokes and easy handling.

microblading pen

Blades: There are a variety of blades that achieve different hair strokes. You want to have a good selection at hand to customize each client’s treatments, but there are two main types of blades you need be aware of:

  • Hard Blade: For bold strokes, a hard blade is best handled by an experienced microblader because ink tends to sink deeper into the skin with less pressure.
  • Classic Flexible Blade: This is ideal for all skin types, but work really well with thin or aged skin.  With this blade, you get softer strokes.

Pigment: As your client list grows, you’ll want to have a large enough assortment of colors to suit a variety of skin types.

With any salon or spa procedure, clean-up is always necessary, but those supplies are also incredibly important. You don’t want to compromise a top-notch job with stray lint or excess ink that wasn’t picked up.

Intrinsics Vinyl Gloves are powder free and latex free, making it ideal for clients with sensitive skin. They also come in four different sizes.

vinyl gloves

Intrinsics 2x2 Cotton Wipes are great for removing product due to their absorbent and gentle nature.

cotton wipes


Find both products on our website to assist you as you start your journey into microblading. Still interested in learning more about microblading? Check out this great video tutorial!


Refresh Your Eyes with Intrinsics Pillowettes

For those wishing to make the most out of short summer months, burning the candle at both ends happens. This can lead to dark circles and puffiness around eyes, making you look tired. Not necessarily the summer glow you wanted, huh? Luckily the skin around your eye area can be refreshed using Intrinsics Pillowettes.

Intrinsics Pillowettes will be your best friend by summer’s end. Known for being incredibly soft, the Pillowettes are wonderful for the eye area. With a small slip-case for fingers, you have greater control over the cotton pad when removing eye-makeup or using them during procedures. Many estheticians enjoy using our Pillowettes to cleanse before and after microblading, but we recently heard of a trick we had to share.

Intrinsics Pillowettes

Placing cucumbers on your eyes is synonymous with a spa day, but the rind and seeds aren’t exactly luxurious. Simply insert a cucumber into a moist Pillowette to make the experience more comfortable for the client. You could even soak the Pillowette in cucumber juice for additional cooling relief. The ascorbic and caffeic acid in the cucumber will help reduce water retention in the eyes, eradicating that pesky puffiness.

So next time a client comes in complaining about their tired, don’t forget this neat trick! You and your client will love these little pillows for your eyes.


What is a Carrier Oil?

When combined with other ingredients, including the always essential Intrinsics Gauze Facial Mask, carrier oils provide an array of benefits for your skin, but what exactly is a carrier oil?

Named for their ability to carry other essential oils into the skin, a carrier oil comes from a vegetable based source. It doesn't have a specific scent like essential oils. Even alone, a carrier oil is a great way to moisturize your skin, but choosing the right one depends on the treatment. Massages require heavier oils while facials are best with lighter oils full of essential fatty acids.

While you can use a carrier oil on its own, many spas and salons blend essential oils and other ingredients to create a winning beauty treatment. Below are some of our favorite carrier oils.

What is a Carrier Oil?

Argan Oil: A wonderful oil for clients seeking anti-aging treatments, argan oil helps to reduce fine lines and tighten the top layer of skin. A lightweight oil, it doesn’t leave an oily residue, making it great for a hydrating facial.

Coconut Oil: This carrier oil has experienced a recent surge in popularity due to its versatility and long shelf life. It’s also incredibly gentle, making it ideal for most skin types and overall hydration, including hair masks.

Jojoba Oil: With a similar makeup as the sebum our own skin produces, jojoba oil is fantastic for those with acne-prone skin.

Rosehip Oil: High in fatty acids, rosehip oil is ideal for facials that are seeking to treat scarring or to curb the signs of aging.

Other carrier oils our favorite spas and salons enjoy include sweet almond oil, grapeseed oil, and shea butter. Use any of these in combination with our Detoxifying Sea Salt Scrub or the Exfoliating Coffee Mask. Our Gauze Facial Masks are the key ingredient in a quick clean-up too!


Intrinsics Beauty Recipe: Chamomile Mud Mask

If your client is looking to treat aging, sun-damaged skin, this chamomile mud mask is just the right treatment. The chamomile helps calm the skin while the Dead Sea mud assists with exfoliation. The consistent steaming process opens the pores, allowing each product to penetrate into the skin. Just be sure to ask if your client is allergic to daisies, ragweed, asters or chrysanthemums. This mask might be irritating to them.

Chamomile Mud Mask

Intrinsics 4x4 Cotton Wipes are ideal for removing product from a client’s face, offering a gentle exfoliation as one of the last steps of treatments. We also recommend offering a hot cup of tea after this treatment to allow the client time to unwind after this relaxing facial.

Intrinsics Cotton 4x4 Wipes


How to Survive a Spa & Salon Trade Show: Tips From a Pro

Do trade shows make you nervous?

Trade shows are a great opportunity to grow your professional circle, see new trends in the spa and salon industry, and get the word out about your product or skills. From IECSC to Premiere Orlando, Intrinsics has traveled throughout the country for nearly two decades bringing our products to everyone from estheticians to massage therapists. As a side effect, we’ve also become pretty efficient at navigating a trade show.

Intrinsics at Cosmoprof Las Vegas 2017

Booth set-up and take down? A breeze.

Getting stuck with a dying phone? Not us.

We’re at Cosmoprof North America in Las Vegas this week so we thought it would be an ideal time to share our seasoned tips and tricks for navigating a beauty trade show.

Before the Show:

  • Make travel and hotel reservations early to maximize on discounted rates.
  • Stay at a hotel closest to the convention site to save on traveling, give you a place to rest, sort through information gathered, and refocus your energy.
  • Know your inventory needs before the show. More efficient purchasing will save you money by grouping your orders to take advantage of discounts and special offers, as well as keeping you within budget.
  • Contact your Bank or Credit Card Company to let them know you will be purchasing at a show.

At the Show:

  • Some trade shows make their own smartphone application. These apps have event schedules and floor plans, which helps plan your day and prioritize your route.
  • Try to have a friend or co-worker attend the show with you.
  • Take plenty of business cards to avoid filling out forms.
  • Pack comfortable shoes and clothing to wear on the show floor.
  • Always bring a battery backup for your cell phone.
  • If you’re bringing lots of product, carts or luggage with wheels will be your best friend.

With a little planning and the right attitude, a successful trade show is easy to achieve. Not only will you head back to your business feeling focused and inspired, but you’ll likely walk out of there with some new friends too.

What’s in a Label? Decoding Sunscreen Bottles

One of the biggest health and beauty mistakes you can make is not wearing sunscreen. On a daily basis, you’re exposed to harmful UV rays from the sun, but just like any beauty or health product, it can be difficult to know which sunscreen is right for you.

To help you properly celebrate the holiday week and summer kickoff, we’ve decoded sunscreen labels so you can confidently choose your next bottle.

sun rays

From the Sun:

UVA: Ultra Violet A. These rays are harsh. Penetrating to the dermis, or the second layer of skin, they can cause wrinkles and hyperpigmentation. UVA rays can also penetrate clouds and glass!

UVB: Ultra Violet B. These rays from the sun are the ones that pierce your epidermis, the top layer of skin, and are responsible for those nasty sunburns you get when you don’t wear sunscreen.

On the Bottle:

SPF: Sun Protection Factor. The higher the SPF, the longer it takes to burn. For example, SPF 15 will protect for 15x longer than someone not wearing sunscreen at all. While that sounds pretty good, SPF 15 only blocks 93% of UVB rays compared to SPF 50, which blocks 98%.

Broad Spectrum: This sunscreen protects against UVB and UVA rays. If you aren’t using a sunscreen labeled broad spectrum, those harsh UVA rays could still be reaching your dermis.

Water Resistant or Sport: The FDA regulates that sunscreens must pass a variety of tests before being labeled Water Resistant 40 minutes or Water Resistant 80 minutes. This means that for40 or 80 minutes in the water or sweating, your sunscreen is still working. After that, reapplication is needed.

Baby: This label means the only active ingredients are titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, which are less likely to irritate a baby’s sensitive skin.

Sensitive/Hypoallergenic: In addition to the above referenced active ingredients, sensitive sunscreens don’t contain parabens, fragrance, oils, or other chemicals that could irritate skin.

Skin Cancer Foundation Seal of Approval: A symbol of safe and effective sun protection, the seal is granted to products that have been tested by an independent committee.

Once you start to understand what’s in your sunscreen and how it affects you, take a look at other products you use on a daily basis. Some ingredients are more harmful than other, but whenever you’re using Intrinsics single use products, you can be confident you’re getting quality products made with quality materials.


Happy National Beautician’s Day!

Beauty Trends Through the Ages

For National Beautician’s Day, we first want to thank all of the amazingly talented hairdressers, nail techs, spa employees, and makeup artists who work to make every day more beautiful! Without you, the world would be full of clogged pores and unibrows. Thank you! To commemorate just how far we’ve come, we put together a history of beauty trends throughout the years.



moon manicure, 20s beauty trendsvia

Inspired by the different colors of cars, nail polish is widely manufactured and Revlon finds its foothold in the beauty industry. The moon manicure, where the tips of the nail are left unpolished, is popular.



jean harlow, 30s beauty trendsvia

Plucking one’s eyebrows becomes a mainstream practice and people go a little overboard. Thin, arched eyebrows are in vogue and brow pencils are used to carry the line to the end of the eye.



rancho la puerta, baja california


Rancho La Puerto, founded in Baja California, Mexico by Edmond and Deborah Szekely, becomes the first destination spa and fitness resort, touting a mind-body-spirit approach to healthy living.



50s beauty trends

Everyday beauty routines include Pond’s Cold Cream and cotton wool. You better like your curlers too, because sleeping in them was commonplace to achieve the curls popular at that time.



60s beauty trends


Waxing strips are introduced to the public for the first time and multi-product beauty routines, including cleansers, toners, and moisturizers, are introduced to the market.



70s beauty trendsvia

The FDA approves the ingredient necessary for self-tanners and the bronzed look remains popular today (although ingredients are safer and tans are less streaky). Other trends from this era, like wavy hair and the middle part, also managed to stand the test of time. 


80s beauty trends

Day spas begin to pop up all over the country, offering a variety of services to primarily wealthy female clients, although men begin to warm up to the idea.

1990s - present

As personal care becomes more important, wellness becomes a household term. Massage therapy goes mainstream, estheticians offer a kaleidoscope of facial and body treatments, makeup artists work wonders, and nail techs come up with new ideas for manicures and pedicures every day.

national beautician's day


What a wonderful time to be a beautician!




Hard or Soft: Which Wax Goes Where?

Now that you know the difference between hard wax and soft wax, you might be wondering which type of wax is best for the different body parts? We’ve got you covered.

Legs and Arms

Because of the large surface area, soft pre-made waxing strips are your friend. However, if you’re working with someone whose hair has no sense of direction, hard wax might be the best way to conserve your resources and make the client happy.

leg and arm wax


The hair that grows in this area is more coarse than say, your leg or arm hair, so it requires a different approach. Hard wax is going to be your go-to. You’ll avoid the awkwardness of trying to pull off waxing strips with your opposite hand and hard wax is also easier on the sensitive skin.

underarm wax

Bikini Line

Up until 1994, no one in the States had tried waxing their bikini line. Today, it’s one of the most popular requests at salons across the country and hard wax is the choice of many estheticians. Not only does it catch smaller hairs with ease, it also acts as an exfoliator, reducing your chances of an irritated bikini line following your procedure.

bikini line wax


Whether it’s your eyebrows, upper lip, or jaw line, waxing your face requires precision. Soft waxing strips are most useful because they allow you to cut down strips to a desired size and make hair removal simple. Just remember that certain medications and beauty treatments can thin the skin, so another form of hair removal might be a good idea.

face wax

For salons that want to specialize in waxing services, reliable, high-quality single use products are a must have. When you’re working with sensitive areas of the body, ensuring your client has a good wax every time is of the utmost importance because you want her or him to return to you and ideally bring in more customers. With that in mind, we highly recommend browsing Intrinsics wide line of waxing single-use products. From waxing strips and rolls to table paper, we provide top-notch products to complement your skillset and put your client’s mind at ease.


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Intrinsics Beauty Recipe: Detoxifying Sea Salt Scrub

Containing over 26 minerals including magnesium, potassium, and calcium, the benefits of sea salt are wide-reaching. In addition to relieving certain skin conditions, sea salt helps combat stress, slow skin aging, prevent water retention, and relax muscles. Whether used as a scrub or in the tub, sea salts are a must have for your beauty cupboard!

Detoxifying Sea Salt Scrub

While you could simply rinse the scrub off of your body, we recommend removing it with Intrinsics 4x4 12 Ply Gauze wipes. Not only does this keep extra oil from going down the drain, it gently exfoliates the calloused skin to add to the post-scrub glow. And since our wipes are non-linting, you don’t have to worry about stray fibers being left behind on your skin.

Whether you’re offering the sea salt scrub as a treatment in your spa or doing it in the comfort of your own bathroom, the benefits of this beauty recipe can be felt inside and out.

Spotlight on Marlo Beauty Supply

In an effort to help our customers understand more about Intrinsics, we thought that highlighting some of the wonderful people we work with would be a great way to give you an insider look. Below, Ingmar Korstanje, President of Marlo Beauty Supply, talks about our long partnership, changes in the beauty industry, and company values in this month's interview. Enjoy!

marlo beauty supply logo
Tell us about the history of Marlo Beauty Supply.
We have been in business over 35 years. We started with professional stores in the 80s and added direct/online marketing in the late 1990s. In 2007 we sold our store division so we could completely focus on becoming a national distributor selling to professionals across the USA. We are family owned and operated with an amazing team helping us build one customer as a time.

What's an average day like working in the wholesale beauty industry?
The only constant is change. No day is average. Beauty Professionals are some of the hardest working people in business - they have long hours, physical careers, and most are small business owners. We come to work everyday prepared to help our customers succeed in their trade and business.

When you're surrounded by so many beauty products, how do you choose which ones to incorporate into your personal routine?
We're fortunate to work with many manufacturers who have been in the business as long as we have. Zotos/Shiseido, Wella, American International, Fromm, Intrinsics/Barnhardt, and more - we get a LOT of great samples of new items to try!

How long have you been partnered with Intrinsics Naturally?
We have represented Intrinsics for decades. The brand is the leader for spa related products and is the gold standard among skin and nail professionals.

What do you think sets Intrinsics apart from competitors?
Intrinsics, like us, is family owned and operated. They work extremely hard to understand what their products need to do for the customers using them. Their factory is on site with their sales and marketing offices - we've toured the plant - it's amazing what the people at Intrinsics knows about cotton, cotton fiber, and the end products they turn them into.

Which Intrinsics products do you see heading out the door most often?
We sell a lot of boxed cotton, cotton rounds, and cotton wipes!
marlo beauty supply warehouse

What's your favorite part of working at Marlo Beauty Supply?
Supporting our team who in turn supports tens of thousands of beauty professionals - on an average week we will ship to salons, spas, and barbershops in over 40 different states. Knowing we are supporting 1000s of small business owners and their families is very rewarding to us.

What are the values that Marlo Beauty adheres to?
We are here to help other succeed in business. Honestly, loyalty and focused on always improving.

What are some of the new beauty trends that you're absolutely loving?
Honestly, we are enjoying how beauty professionals are becoming more and more educated on how to run a great business.  Learning how to sign smart leases and market their businesses with social media, continuing education, and learning new trends themselves to offer to their clients.

What are some of areas of the beauty industry experiencing growth right now?
Waxing services, lash/brow services, and color color color.

What's your favorite way to pamper yourself?
Well, for me, that would be a proper shave. For my colleagues, it would likely be a different service!

The Manicures Every Client Will Be Asking For This Spring

Spring and summer are all about having fun so it’s only appropriate that manicures match the attitude, right? We’ve rounded up some of spring’s hottest trends that clients will surely be asking for as the weather continues to warm up.


Let your fingers shine bright like the sun!

Metallic manicures(@bangbangnails/@cassmariebeauty)

High Impact

Whether it’s bold colors, geometric patterns, or both, this manicure is the life of the party.

high impact manicure(@misspopnails/@nailallie)

Earth Tones

Take a cue from Mother Nature with a muted shade that says “relax.”

earth tone manicure(@so_nailicious/@laurenslist)


Take your favorite shade, add a matte top coat, and admire the transformation.

matte manicure(@cndworld/@karengnails)


What could be more spring than pastels? Modernize sweet colors by giving them a graphic punch.

pastel manicure
(@bonjourzoe wearing @tenoverten/@wahnails by @anouskaanastasia)

Whether you’re testing out these trends on yourself or tending to your favorite client, your focus should be on your art, not your tools. Your tools need to be reliable each and every time, which is why we only make, quality durable disposable products.

From our Intrinsics Pillowettes to Intrinsics Nail Tech’s Choice, our products perform the way they’re supposed to, making your job easier and your clients happy.

Find all of our top-notch nail supplies on our website.


Hypoallergenic Products: Are They Right For You?

Hypoallergenic products are made for everyone!

hypoallergenic products work for all skin types

Whether you have oily skin or aging skin, everyone can reap the benefits, but what exactly are the benefits of hypoallergenic products?

  1. Inflammation Prevention
    When your skin makes contact with an ingredient it doesn’t like, small reactions happen under the surface causing redness, dry patches, or acne. Hypoallergenic single use products remove the culprits that cause inflammation.
  2. Redness Reduction
    Redness is a sign that something is irritating your skin. By using gentler products, you should notice a significant difference in your overall skin tone.
  3. Prevention of Dark Spots
    We all know we shouldn’t pick at our face, but it’s just so satisfying. Unfortunately, this also leads to scarring. Hypoallergenic products can prevent future breakouts by providing a great base for any lightening products you apply.
  4. Increased Moisture
    When you smile or even talk, does your face ever feel tight? Certain ingredients in non-hypo products rob your delicate facial skin of its moisture, causing it to overcompensate in the oil department and we all know what happens at that point.
  5. Consistency
    When your skincare consists of hypoallergenic products, you can truly start your skincare journey and find the most effective products for your skin.

Switching out your go-to products can seem daunting, but take it slow. One great place to start is your facial wipes. Removing your makeup at night is incredibly important, but you don’t want to further irritate your skin. Intrinsics Gentle Cleansing Towels are made for sensitive skin and contain natural botanicals that soothe the skin. Get your pack today!

Beauty Treatments for Every Mom

For some one mom, going to the spa is a regular activity. For another, it’s completely out of the ordinary. That doesn’t mean she dislikes getting pampered. To really show her that you’re paying attention, get her a spa service that relates to her favorite activities.


Does your mom spend her afternoons digging in the dirt?

Gardener Mom

Gift Idea: Facial

If the garden is bountiful and the flowers are blooming, your mom is probably spending a lot of time outdoors. Even if she’s wearing SPF, her skin is subject to humidity, sweat, and wind. Not only will a facial help get rid of pore-clogging dead skin, it will leave her as fresh as a flower after a spring rain.


Is “one more page” an everyday saying for your mother?

Reader Mom

Gift Idea: Massage

For the mom who stays up into the wee hours of the night to get to the end of her whodunit novel, a massage is the ideal gift. Curled up with a book always sounds good, but after hours of looking at the page, her neck is likely getting sore. A massage will help work out any knots and improve posture.


Does your mom wake up at 5am for a run?

Runner Mom

Gift Idea: Hair Treatment at favorite Salon

Nobody works out with their hair down. All those ponytails can take a toll, causing split ends, overall breakage, and drying out the hair follicles. To remedy this, schedule a deep conditioning treatment, which will help restore the hair back to its natural luster. Just make sure the appointment is after her workout.


Is your mom always hard at work on her next project?

Crafter Mom

Gift Idea: Manicure & Pedicure

Whether she’s a painter, knitter, or jewelry maker, moms who craft always have a vision, but it might not necessarily include a day at the salon. Book a manicure and hand massage for your mom to treat her tired fingers, and remind her that a good manicure is an artform of its own!

Still don’t think you can convince your mom to set foot into a spa? Try a DIY beauty day with her. You can pick up all the single use products you’ll need like the Intrinsics Pre-Cut Gauze Facials Masks or our new Gel Nail Wipes at your local beauty supplier in addition to everything else.


Happy Mother’s Day from the Intrinsics team!


Intrinsics Beauty Recipes: Exfoliating Coffee Mask

Coffee in the morning is a necessity, but did you know it can also be a necessity for the skin?

The same qualities that give coffee its AM kick are also beneficial for skin, so when we came across this simple beauty mask in our arsenal of recipes, we had to share it with you! This is definitely one way to enjoy coffee without the jitters.

Be sure to try Intrinsics Precut Gauze Facial Mask with this beauty recipe! Because of its design, the mask allows treatments to penetrate skin while making clean-up quick, easy, and crumble-free. Its extra-long design allows the facial mask to cover the face and neck so treatments can reach the delicate neck region.

Here's one esthetician's take on how she uses our gauze facial mask.

"I love the gauze facial mask! It's a must when working with any type of hardening mask because you can lift the mask off in one piece without it sticking to your client's skin. One thing I really love is that it doesn't absorb any of the product, which means the skin gets all the benefits and the client is left with super hydrated skin."

Jennifer H., Virginia

And just like you pick your coffee, pay attention to the grounds that you use for your face. Stronger coffee beans might be too much to handle when drinking, but your face might like the extra jolt of caffeine.

Let us know if you try our recipe by tagging us on Instagram! Cheers to caffeine!



The Case for Medical Grade Products: Medispas

Intrinsics has medical grade products that can be used in a medispa

Though the trend hasn’t completely caught on, there’s no doubt that medispas are on the rise. For instance, this Financial Review article (about how the trend has caught on in Australia) states that “Medispas are fast populating chic cities such as New York and London.” While it makes one wonder how this affects professional spa and salon products, let’s hold on that for a moment and ask this question instead: How is a medispa different from a regular spa?

What Exactly Is a Medispa?

For simplicity’s sake, we’ll start by defining a medispa as a spa that has a licensed physician or medical professional on staff. For example, Duquessa, one of the medispas mentioned in the Financial Review article, is owned by Katherine Millar-Shannon, a cosmetic nurse who has the ability to consult, prescribe, refer, and treat clients.

To dig a little deeper, let’s rely on this perfect description from an Orlando Sentinel article from earlier this year:

With trappings of luxury a must nonetheless, the hybrid medispa offers an ambience that's often more deluxe than a traditional spa where treatments are, well, less clinical (think mani/pedi and routine facials). Medispas, on the other hand, offer medical-grade esthetic services and the most recent advances in skin care. It's where a keen focus on smoothing wrinkles, erasing age spots and activating collagen reproduction are set to a backdrop of pastel shades and soft music.

Calling a medispa a “hybrid” makes sense; clients can still receive typical treatments—facials, massages, mani/pedis—but medical treatments that use lasers, microdermabrasion, and Botox are available, too.

Medical Grade Treatments Require Medical Grade Products

Now we can circle back to products. Because if you’re offering medical grade services, doesn’t it make sense to be using medical grade products to administer them? Estheticians might be surprised to learn that many of the standard Intrinsics products they’re using—such as our cotton balls, swabs, coils, and gauze products—are already medical grade. This should give you great confidence in the tools you’re using for your treatments, along with the gratifying knowledge that you’re enhancing the client experience, too.

For those who know the Intrinsics back story, the fact that many of our beauty offerings are medical grade won’t come as a surprise. Barnhardt Cotton Manufacturing Company is our parent company, and one of our sibling divisions is Richmond Dental & Medical, a maker of premium dental and medical products. This means Barnhardt Cotton provides medical grade products to some of the largest medical and pharmaceutical companies in the world.

Why Medical Grade Products Matter for Estheticians

Obviously, if you work in a medispa, you’ll need medical grade products to complete some of your treatments. However, even if you work in a traditional spa, medical grade products offer a degree of safety that doesn’t come with standard products. This will put your clients at ease, especially considering many treatments involve sensitive areas of the body.

Ultimately, medical grade matters. Sure, there are beauty applications where it’s not necessary, and could even be called overkill. But put yourself in the shoes of one of your clients. If you had the choice between a medical grade or a standard grade product, which would you choose?

We think the answer is pretty obvious.

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Top Four Complaints About Professional Spa and Salon Products

professional spa and salon products

With our years of experience working with spas and salons—remember, our history dates back to the 1980s—we’ve seen and heard just about everything when it comes to the beauty industry. Not to focus on the negative, but this does include complaints. Luckily, when it comes to professional spa and salon products, we’re rarely on the receiving end of those complaints—but when we hear about product deficiencies, our goal is to improve our products year in and year out to ensure we’re never the cause for one of those complaints.

Today we thought we’d highlight some of those product complaints, simply for the sake of helping spa and salon owners, along with estheticians, make better product choices. Not surprisingly, most of the complaints revolve around performance. Here are four we commonly hear: Read the rest of this entry »

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With Disposable Sponges, Spas and Salons Get What They Pay For

Cellulose Sponges

“You get what you pay for” is a proverb that applies to many businesses, across many industries. It’s no different for professional spas and salons. In fact, it could be argued that it’s more important for spas and salons to use premium products, simply from the standpoint that they’re offering a luxury service. Read the rest of this entry »

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How to Buy Beauty Supplies Wholesale

wholesale beauty supplies

Purchasing wholesale beauty supplies has enormous benefits, regardless of your industry. For the small business owner, making the move from purchasing your supplies retail to wholesale is somewhat of a milestone. It can be overwhelming, though. This is especially true when you are making purchases online or through a sales rep that has come to your establishment.

Purchasing wholesale beauty supplies is a commitment because you are often purchasing greater quantities. Of course there are advantages to this, such as lower prices and time saved, but it is a little scary to commit to purchasing products in bulk, especially if you've never used the brand before. Read the rest of this entry »

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How to Organize Beauty Supplies

organized beauty supplies

Whether you've opened up a new salon or spa, or just set up shop in one, you need to stock and organize your beauty supplies in a way that is attractive and functional. This is extremely important in the beauty business. People who walk through your doors will immediately judge your business on the visual appearance of your area. You could be the most brilliant stylist that ever lived, but if your work area or reception area is ugly, cluttered or dirty, you will lose potential clients. Read the rest of this entry »

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The Most Important Beauty Supplies for Spas

beauty supplies for spas

How do you determine the most important beauty supplies for your spa? If you are just starting out, the amount of supplies that you need for your new business is overwhelming. It's easy to get bogged down and overwhelmed trying to choose, and it's easy to overspend. This is something you don't want to do if you can help it. If you are stocking your new spa, you'll want to focus on just the things you need so you can open up and operate your business without putting yourself in a bunch of debt. Besides, you will realize as your business gets going which supplies you really need, what you don't need and how much.

As promised, here are the most important beauty supplies for spas:

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