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September Promotions: Our Top Two Spa and Salon Products

While there are a variety of traits that make for the best professional spa and salon products, one of the most underrated features is versatility. When it comes to disposable supplies, you obviously want to get your money’s worth.

Our Wipes Serve as Spa Workhorses

Our wipes certainly fit the versatility bill, and their ranking amongst our products hammers that point home. With cotton at their core, these are products that serve as spa workhorses across the country. While their usage is rooted in skin care, many estheticians use them for other applications as well. Believe it or not, our top two sellers are actually very similar.

Our #1 Best Seller: Large Silken Wipes

Our Large Silken Wipes stand at the top of the mountain as our #1 best seller. They have a softer (or, some would say, silkier) texture than our standard-issue cotton wipes. This makes them ideal for applying products to skin—since they’re less absorbent than cotton—and perfect for clients with sensitive skin, too. While this spa workhorse can be used for various treatments, estheticians (and their clients) love them simply due to their silky-smooth feel.

Our #2 Best Seller: Large Cotton Wipes

Simply based on that last paragraph, our #2 best seller should come as no surprise. Our Large Cotton Wipes are perfect for cleansing and exfoliating. They also come in handy when skin products need to be removed—simply wet these 4” x 4” squares to sooth skin after treatments. They are 100% Naturelle cotton, after all.

So now you know which professional spa and salon supplies sit atop the Intrinsics pyramid. While that news might not be earth-shattering, hopefully having a stronger understanding how these products can be game-changers is.

Want to test out our top two products yourself? Request a sample today.

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