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Professional Skin Care Products

Intrinsics provides the finest professional skin care products, ranging from cotton wipes and cotton swabs to facial and cellulose sponges.

These products are designed not only for performance, but also for optimum comfort. Your spa clientele expect you to deliver the best results possible for one of their most valuable assets: their skin.

Single-use products are a daily part of your spa and salon processes. While they are not a flashy part, they are essential. While other elements of the spa and salon experience may take center stage, it's these simple, daily supplies that are such a big part of the process. And, believe it or not, your clients do notice the quality and consistency of these products. Specifically, they notice when they are not high quality. Staff notices, too. Working with high-quality products makes it easier to do their best work. When you don't have to worry about your products failing to perform the way they are supposed to, you are free to focus on the client.

The Intrinsics line of professional skin care supplies—along with your expertise—ensures that your client’s expectations are easily exceeded.

Quality Cotton And Other Single Use Products Are Important

Cotton single-use products such as gauze, pads, applicators, bands and pads must be soft, free of irritants and be able to stand up to use. They can't be falling apart, or causing the client discomfort. Our cotton products are superior because we have years of experience creating them from the best possible materials.

Gloves, sponges and other products also play an essential role in your business. All products, no matter how seemingly small and minor, play a larger role in helping you develop your brand as a spa or salon. Even the most minute details help shape the client experience. From the moment they walk through the door and are greeted by staff, they are evaluating their visit. Each step along the way is an opportunity to impress. Quality products can be a part of that process, and low quality products can derail it. 

Intrinsics Naturals Is Your Partner In Quality

Our beginnings in the cotton industry gave us our unique knowledge of manufacturing the finest, softest and highest quality cotton products. Our experience dates back to the early 1900's, and as we evolved, we continued to refine our products, ultimately focusing on providing the salon and spa industry with products they use each and every day. Our commitment to quality and our high standards of service enable us to provide you with the products you need to give your clients the service they deserve.