What are Intrinsics Neck Strips? Why do we need them?

According to Section 7312(e) in the Business and Professions Code, a sanitary neck strip, or towel, shall be used to keep the protective covering, such as client capes, from coming in direct contact with a client’s neck. Intrinsics Neck Strips provide just that, and then some! Our new and improved neck strips provide a gentle touch without letting hair or chemicals create an unpleasant experience for your client. They are longer, stronger and softer than other products in the market.

The first Neck Strips were used over 95 years ago. Neck Strips were mainly used to help keep hair clippings from sticking around the neck and falling into the customer’s shirt. Some years later, a sanitation requirement was written into barber law that a previously-used or soiled cape could not be in direct contact with the customer’s neckline; the Intrinsics Neck Strips fit the requirement perfectly.


The Star of the Show

Speaking of Intrinsics, the Neck Strips are both a perfect and inexpensive fit; to be exact, they cost about $0.02 per application. In the mid-2000s, neck strips became coarser and had less stretch. Our newly-formulated strips are softer, longer, stronger than ever before.

At a recent barber conference, Mike McBunch from Mississippi commented, “This new Neck Strip outperforms all others! What I like best is the amount of stretch.” The Intrinsics Neck Strip has also been a huge hit at barber battles. Steve Ngo of Alum Rock Beauty Supply says, “The Neck Strip’s softness and strength have made it a real winner.”

intrinsics neck strips

Longer, Stronger, and Softer

These Neck Strips are made of a soft, highly-absorbent tissue and were created with a high tensile strength. This higher tensile strength allows the stylist/barber to use the Neck Strip with ease around larger necks and more stretch also means a lesser chance of tearing the strip. Another premium feature is the softness. The softer Neck Strips mean more comfort for the customer. Softness is always helpful, especially when doing children’s cuts.

While having a barrier between the neck and cape is the law, you also want to show your client that you are interested in their safety and comfort. Let’s face it, it’s all about them; make their experience the best it can be. After all, it is your neck on the line.


free intrinsics neck strips sample

Here at Intrinsics, we know that using is believing. That’s why we are offering a free sample of our new-and-improved Neck Strips! Want to see for yourself? Request one here.


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