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June Promotions: Prep Clients for Beach Time

With June comes the official start of summer. And summer is one of the busiest times of the year for estheticians, as clients are heavily reliant on you to make them beach-ready. Mani/Pedi? Check. Wax job? Check. Skin prepped for sun? Check. Without the spa and salon industry, things would be dire out there. There's a reason beautification is big business. (No offense, general public.)

So we're back, as usual, to lend a helping hand with our monthly promotions. Though we're only listing two here, always remember to head on over to our promo page to see a full listing. You never know when your favorite products will be featured with one of our fabulous distributors.

Cotton Balls: When we talk about cotton balls, the first thing we have to mention is:

Sorry, but traditions must be upheld, especially when it involves our unofficial mascot for cotton balls. We don't post about cotton balls without a nod to that video, mostly because it's the cutest damned thing that has ever been created or ever will be created on this earth or even in the galaxies above that are beyond our mortal comprehension.

Anyway, so where were we? Okay, so the second thing we have to mention is that our Large Cotton Balls are made from our premium Naturelle™ cotton, which everyone knows is topnotch. As boring as cotton balls may seem on paper, they're a must-have in spas and salons, mostly because they can do so many things, for nail services and skin care treatments. Of course, if you think cotton balls are boring then we probably shouldn't be friends.

Waxing Strips/Rolls: From the cute and quiet calm of cotton balls we turn to the violent necessity of waxing strips and rolls. If ever there was a spa and salon sundry that epitomized summer, then it would have to be waxing strips and rolls. These must be made of high-quality pellon so that it doesn't stretch too much or (gasp!) tear. Using subpar supplies during a waxing service is a great way to scar a client for life.

Keep in mind, it's good to have options, too. That's why we offer a 100-yard roll or precut 3" x 9" strips. The latter are ideal for waxing more delicate areas on the legs and around the bikini area. The former would be great for true do-it-yourselfers—or for rolling a worthy adversary's house. You know, if people even still do that.

That's it for June promotions. If you're new to our line, feel free to request a sample pack. We'll get one right out to you.


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