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May Promotions: One of These Things Is Not Like the Other

For our May promotions, we've chosen to highlight two products that look and seem extremely similar. In fact, we're willing to bet that if we showed you a photo of each, you'd have no idea which was which. That's why we're here: to once again tell you that looks can be deceiving, and send a reminder that the difference is always in the details.

On the surface, our Silken Wipes and Nail Tech's Choice look like identical white squares. However, it's important to know the difference between them. While these two products have some similarities, they're really not the same. At all.

Silken Wipes: In name alone, you know this is a spa and salon supply that will be smooth to the skin. Typically in skin care, softness is an important trait. These medical grade wipes are only moderately absorbent, making them perfect to apply products effectively. They can be used to apply products to the skin—like post-waxing gels and creams—just as easily as they can be used for cleansing. In fact, we know some estheticians who use them to clean their beauty instruments.

Nail Tech's Choice: One of our favorite product names simply based on the confidence of it, Nail Tech's Choice may look like a Silken Wipe, but it's far from it. For example, a Silken Wipe is soft, while the NTC is abrasive. This make perfect sense when you consider NTC is made of gauze, and is typically used to remove nail polish. Keep in mind that abrasive gauze outer is tempered by an absorbent cotton filling. This allows NTC to be used during skin treatments, and for applying astringents and toners during exfoliations. See? They're two little white squares, with two entirely unique uses.


Hopefully now you can see the differences. We know some people never will, and will live in ignorance forever while their clients suffer as lesser products are utilized and treatments are ruined and lives are forever destroyed by not taking the time to read the product details so that a superior spa and salon experience can be provided for one and for all.

Whew. Guess we needed to get that off our chest. But all we're trying to say is that not all supplies are created equally. Of course, we think our products are better than everyone else's. Of course, we're also wildly biased. But even within our line, it's important to notice the critical details. If you do, your clients will notice them as well.

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