We know. That’s a serious blog title. But what do kilts, mullets, and stilts have in common? These are all phenomena we encountered when we attended the International Salon and Spa Expo (ISSE) back at the end of January in Long Beach, CA. While we’re not sure what any of these sightings had to do with professional spa and salon products, all we know is that we were wildly entertained.

Aside from the, um, myriad of attractions, diversions, and characters at this year’s event, we met a ton of people and made some fast friends. As we mentioned beforehand, we had a ton of giveaways at our booth this year. Really, we were givin’ away fools.

If you recall, we offered our Nail Kits, Skin Care Kits, and our Waxing Kits. Beyond these treasure chests of Intrinsics goodness, we also handed out plenty of samples, including the 80-count Cotton Naturelles we gave away with every purchase, as well as some cotton balls and $5 Starbucks cards to those who signed up for our newsletter. In fact, we gave away an astounding 170 gift cards. (You’re welcome, Starbucks.)

We definitely had a blast in the LBC, and we already can’t wait till next year. The good news? ISSE 2015 is already on the calendar. And we’ve marked January 24th, 25th, and 26th of next year with three big fat Xs.

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