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Professional Waxing Products

As a professional salon that depends on repeat business and word of mouth referrals, you understand that one of your most important assets is your reputation. Each person who walks out of your salon or spa is a walking advertisement for your business. You want your clients to be happy they chose you, and you want them to come back.

Many salon and spa processes require maintenance and that means future business. Processes such as waxing must be done periodically to maintain results. This means that each person who comes in for this service is a potential long-term client. You already know it's a wonderful feeling when your client thanks you and walks out of the salon with a big smile. It's one of the best things about the job, because you have helped make someone feel beautiful, confident and happy.

Intrinsics has long been a leader when it comes to professional waxing supplies. You won’t be surprised that our products perfectly complement all types of waxing, massage or skin care treatments.

Quality Spa Products Help Build Trust

Trust is an essential element of your business. Your clients trust you to not only give them a pleasant experience, but also to provide consistently good results. When it comes to waxing, trust is especially important. One negative experience can not only cost you repeat business from that client, but also from other potential clients that they talk to. This is why you must ensure a good experience. Of course, expertise on the end of the esthetician is paramount, but the products and supplies you use are equally important. You need to use top quality waxing products in order to insure good results, every time. While it may be tempting to skimp on single-use waxing products, it's important to remember that high quality products are a part of your clients experience.

Trust Intrinsics To Help You Build Trust And Client Satisfaction

Intrinsics Naturally has provided spas and salons with top quality products for years. Our expertise in this industry allow us to provide you, our customers, with the highest quality waxing products so that you can feel confident that you are giving your clients the best possible service. You can't afford not to use the best professional waxing supplies.