Everyone’s spring skin care routine is different, but the essentials are pretty much universal.

Your skin is your largest organ, therefore it needs attention year-round. But our regimens change from season to season, so what adjustments should you be making this spring?


spring skin care water

Did you know that your body is made of more than 50% water?


It may seem obvious, but hydration is a key element to keeping your skin bright and healthy this spring. With the weather heating up, your skin is going to need all the hydration it can get. So grab that glass water bottle, pop some lemons and cucumbers in there, and stay hydrated!


Intrinsics 12-ply Gauze

Intrinsics 12-ply Gauze


During the winter, some of us may take a short break from weekly exfoliating. However with the extra grime your face will accumulate from the heat, light exfoliating each week during spring is a must. Intrinsics 12-ply Gauze is your go-to tool for this process; our 12-ply gauze is constructed to be moderately absorbent and gently exfoliating, which is essential for any spring skin care regimen.


moisturizer spring skin care

Moisturizing is a must.


No matter the season, you should always moisturize. But did you know that you should change your moisturizer in the winter to spring transition? A heavier formula is best for the colder months, but a lighter, oil-free moisturizer might be your pick this spring. Your pores will thank you! For an added bonus, use a moisturizer that also has an SPF in it. To ensure that you are not wasting precious product, you’re going to need a high quality tool for application. One that is soft to the touch and lightly-absorbent. We’re looking at you, Silken Wipes.


spring skin care sun

We love the sun, but it's always important to stay protected.


Speaking of SPF, we’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: sunscreen is your best friend. The winter clouds are parting and the sunshine is breaking through, and this means SPF is a must. But be sure that you are using a broad spectrum sunscreen, which protects the skin from both UVA and UVB rays. You should apply your sunscreen after your moisturizer, but before your concealer and/or foundation. Re-apply throughout the day as needed.


intrinsics spring skin care

Your Intrinsics essentials for this spring.

Spring Cleaning

Spring is a great time to clean out your skin care stash. Toss the empty bottles, repurpose those glass jars, and make some room for your spring skin care lineup. The only things in constant use are going to be your tools. Intrinsics products like the Compressed Cellulose Sponges, X’Tra Thick Cotton Pads, and our Cotton Balls (made of 100% pure cotton), will never go out of season. We make the products you can count on all year round. Okay, we’ll stop bragging now.

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