September is here, which means back to school, football season, and autumn. We know what you’re thinking: it’s time for a refresh. You’ve got some new outfits, a fresh haircut, but something’s missing...a skin treatment!

Men’s skin care is on the rise. More men are making appointments for skin treatments, especially facials.



How about a professional shave and facial?

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Even barber shops are getting in on the fun; offering facials as additions to beard trims and hair cuts. But they’re not the only ones, estheticians are getting in on male-specific facial services too. Even skeptics are experimenting with this new trend. These facials are mainly tailored to men because they deal with problems that men may experience, like razor burn and acne, as well as ingrown hairs.


men's skin care

But why?

Men’s skin is 25% thicker than women’s, meaning it is also tougher. When a man shaves, his face experiences a fairly intense exfoliation, therefore leaving it more prone to breakouts if not treated correctly. Depending on how often you shave, this may irritate you more or less. In addition to all of these benefits, men need a good skin care routine. Skin care regimens will keep your skin healthy and allow for you to take some time on self care.


intrinsics care regimen

Whether you get your skin treatments done in the barbershop or the salon, your local professional should be using Intrinsics. By providing professionals with the right tools, the Intrinsics C.A.R.E. regimen maps out the four essential steps to creating the perfect facial. These four steps include Gentle Cleansing Towels, Silken Wipes, Cotton Wipes, and 12-ply Gauze. Intrinsics believes that using is believing, so try it for yourself (psst...for FREE!).

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