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Quarantine Beards?

Quarantine has had its...hairy...moments so far. No, we mean literally hairy; the beards are coming out and here to stay for many men!

Unless you’ve been living under a rock (which honestly seems like the best case scenario right now), you know that the spread of COVID-19 has us all isolated and away from our beloved barbers right now. Coronavirus has become a reason for guys to skip shaving, just as if they were following the rules of No-Shave November! Like the infamous #quarantinecut, there’s even been a hashtag for this movement #coronabeard. 

On the outside, the act of growing a beard may come across as laziness, but it could instead be interpreted as a way to regain control over something (one’s own face) amidst international uneasiness. And according to the hashtag, it’s also a great reason to swap beard photos with other isolated men. 


So how do you make a beard look purposeful, instead of lazy?

Give yourself time!

For first-time beard growers, patience is a virtue. You don’t know how fast your beard will grow, or if it will start out patchy before filling in. The best approach is to just wait and see! Nothing great happens overnight. In other words, before throwing in the towel and going back to clean-shaven, be patient. Expect it to grow for about 3 months; this will give you a clear idea of how you’ll look with a beard, how thick it will be, and the maintenance that will be required.


Greg Berzinsky, the man known to his 200k+ Instagram followers as The Zeus of Beards (okay, he really does have an impressive grey beard!), for tips on how to grow out facial hair.


When it comes to encouraging guys to grow out their beards for the first time, “my mantra is ‘just let it go’” Berzinsky says, “Take inventory of what you have. Most guys, if you’ve never grown a beard, don’t know if you even have the potential.” 

Next Steps

Now that you have committed to the beard, you need to learn how to care for your beard! Of all the beard grooming supplies, beard oil might just be the most important because it does so many important things for your skin and your beard. 

To get the best results from your beard oils, make sure your beard and skin under the beard are clean! You can achieve this by applying exfoliating products to a disposable 4x4” 100% Cotton Gauze Wipes to prep the skin and beard. By using a disposable 100% Cotton Gauze Wipe, there are no chances of cross-contamination, plus it provides more effective cleansing properties than a cloth washcloth; it can be used in the shower, at the sink or prior to bedtime. 


Beard oil moisturizes the skin, eliminating any pesky itchiness. It seals in moisture to prevent split ends and will give your beard a healthy sheen. It softens the hair and freshens the beard.


Split ends, beard itch, dandruff, wiry hair and beard stink are all problems you can avoid if you exfoliate regularly (we got you) and use beard oil. When choosing a beard oil, look for ingredients such as olive oil, coconut oil and jojoba oil. All of these oils are very light and help with nourishment and growth. 


Got any beard tips? Show us your #coronabeard and let us know! 

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