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Glycolic Treatments 101

Thinking about getting a glycolic treatment? You may have a few questions first, so we’re breaking down the process for you.
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Growing for a Cause: No-Shave November

Put down your razors and clippers, ladies and gents. No-Shave November season is upon us! It’s time to grow your hair and spread some awareness.
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The Best Cleansing Towel for Wax Treatments

Have you been searching for the perfect cleansing towel to use during wax treatments? Whether you do your own waxing or visit a professional at your favorite salon, we can all agree that choosing the ...
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Offering Facials in Your Barber Practice

Most barbers provide shaving services, so why not include a facial with it? Face treatments are not only a relaxing experience; they also serve a purpose by improving the health and appearance of ...
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Intrinsics Beauty Recipe: Detoxifying Sea Salt Scrub

Containing over 26 minerals including magnesium, potassium, and calcium, the benefits of sea salt are wide-reaching. In addition to relieving certain skin conditions, sea salt helps combat stress, ...
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