Back to school season means notebooks, football, and a new manicure!

We’ve done our homework and found three fun trends for you to try out this fall:

back to school nail ideas

Source: Pinterest

School Spirit

What better way to show your support for your school than with a themed mani? Whether it’s blue and gold or white and red, there are an array of design options so you’ll never run out of ideas.


back to school nail ideasSource: Pinterest

French 101

Low-key and classy. French manicures are timeless because they match any outfit, even uniforms. For an added bonus, paint the tips a color besides white (or glitter, if you’re feeling fancy).


back to school nail ideas

Source: Pinterest

Enter Autumn

Fall colors make for stunning manicures. When you think of fall, what colors come to mind? Deep purple, burnt orange, mustard yellow, dark red, and forest green. Colors like these will match all the scarves and oversized sweaters in your closet.

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