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Meet Dave Albers, Intrinsics’ New Sales & Marketing Director

In this space, we're always prone to excitement, especially surrounding big announcements. Today, of course, is no different. Intrinsics is excited to announce the addition of our new head honcho of Sales, Mr. Dave Albers. Dave has been in the beauty industry for 33 years, having worked in the Wisconsin area with some of beauty's biggest names. He started in 1982 at Aerial Company (part of BSG), then later spent over 11 years as Director of Sales and Marketing at Four Star Beauty Supply. His most recent stint was with Graham Beauty, where he worked for the past 18 years as their National Sales Manager.

Dave has also published articles in Modern Salon and Milady Standard Cosmetology textbook and sits on the Advisory Board for Barbers International (and has worked closely with the National Association of Barber Boards of America, too). As if that weren't enough, he also developed two beauty product patents during his time with Graham.

We're obviously beyond thrilled to have someone with this kind of industry experience on our Intrinsics team. In talking to Dave, it's clear that he has big plans for our line-up of products. While Dave certainly has a lot on his plate, here were three specific items he plans to focus on immediately.

Letting Everyone Know How Superior Our Cotton Coil Is

According to Dave, Intrinsics' cotton coil is by far the best in the industry. By using 100% cotton—without any rayon or comber cotton—there is less linting and superior absorption, which for spa and salon usage is absolutely critical. Dave believes in the high quality of this Swiss Army Knife of a product, and wants to shout Intrinsics' superiority from the mountaintops.

"One of my main goals is to let everyone know how good the Intrinsics cotton coil is," Dave said. "It's 100% cotton, and when we say there's three pounds in a box, we put three pounds in a box."

Telling the Carolina Cotton/Barnhardt Story

According to Dave, when he got into the business back in 1982 Carolina Cotton was the premier name in professional spa and salon supplies. Since more competition has entered the market—and while our name has obviously changed—he thinks it's important to focus on the fact that Barnhardt Natural Fibers Group (BNFG) has been in the cotton business for over a century—manufacturing cotton right here at home—supporting its business lines like Intrinsics.

"We're not second, we're first," Dave said. "We've been in business 115 years purifying, making, and supplying cotton. Our cotton's everywhere."

Enhancing Existing Relationships—and Creating New Ones—with Distributors

Since Intrinsics is backed by BNFG, we have a unique advantage as a vertically-integrated manufacturer. This fact, combined with our high-quality products, makes us an ideal partner for most major distributors. In Dave's eyes, we should always be looking for ways to make our distributors as much money as possible—which starts with ensuring your end users are continuously happy.

"With Intrinsics, the end user will have a product that will always be the same," Dave said. "When you import products, you have to take what they give you, even if it falls out of spec. But people want a consistent and high-quality product, which we can offer."

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