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April Promotions: Lint-Free and Easy

It's the start of the month, which can only mean one thing: it's time to talk about promotions. While our full promotions list is far too long for us to cover every featured product in detail, we can certainly talk about a couple this month—especially since bikini season is officially open.

Toe Rope: Leading the way this month is a springtime staple: toe rope. With opened-toed shoes and flip-flops reemerging from hibernation, pedicures are sure to be on the rise. Made from 100% Naturelle™ cotton, our toe rope is as soft and sanitary as you'd expect it to be. Little piggies will be perfectly—and comfortably, we might add—separated during treatment. Of course, you know how we like to go the extra mile. That's why our 6" toe rope is encased in non-linting fibers. That means no mess for you, and no mess for your clients.


X'Tra Thick Cotton Pads: Yeah, we know. Someone in our marketing department got a little cute with how to spell "extra." But don't hold it against the product itself. This is another spa and salon supply that can do it all. Like most of our cotton-based wipes, X'Tra Thick Cotton Pads can be used during a variety of treatments. Also 100% Naturelle™ cotton, the pads can be used wet or dry, on the face or the body, and they can be stretched to fit your specific needs. Oh, and they're medical-grade, as well as lint-free.

Why are we harping on "lint-free"? Because no client wants a treatment that ends with lint on their face, body, or toes. If lint's all over the place, that's most definitely the sign of an inferior product, and clients will take notice. If all you're thinking about is lint-covered bodies now, we're sorry. But we're only a little bit sorry. Some lessons have to be learned the hard way. If it sends you down the path to only using superior spa and salon products, then it was totally worth it.

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