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January Promotions: Help Brace Your Client’s Face for the Cold

New Year's Day brings the promise of a clean slate. However, just as we're sweeping up the confetti the reality sets in: in most parts of the country, the harsh winter weather has arrived. This kind of weather is murder on skin.  Your clients need you now, more than ever. That's why this month's promotions are skin-centric, specifically chosen for protecting your client's greatest asset: their face.

Why Worry in Winter?

First, let's briefly discuss the skin problems that Jack Frost brings with him. Many of your clients will experience issues that can range from standard-issue itchiness that comes from drier skin to the exacerbation of more serious skin problems like eczema. In tougher climates, there's even the chance of windburn, which can be painful (even when rosy cheeks may seem like the most adorable thing you've ever seen in your entire life). The change in temperature creates a variety of skin challenges, all of which can be aggravated further as your clients try different products to combat the chill.

This Is Where You—Estheticians!—Come In

While in the closing weeks of 2014 your clients looked to you for facials so they could look their best for holiday parties and family gatherings, now they'll be coming to you more out of necessity. Your treatments can go a long way toward providing relief, and also toward ensuring their skin looks it best. With skin care being one of our key lines, we have a variety of spa supplies designed expressly for this purpose. Our two highlighted promotions this month are used during facials.

Promotions: 12-Ply Gauze and Facial Caps

First, let's discuss our facial caps. They have a simple purpose: they keep hair out of the way during treatments. They're large enough to work for any hairstyle (even this), and the elastic won't strangle your client's face, leaving marks all over their grill. We think your client will appreciate that latter fact. Our 12-Ply Gauze is used for a variety of skin care services, but it really excels at exfoliation. This is a 100% Naturelle™ cotton product, too. These medical-grade squares actually open up into one big single-ply sheet.

Don't Worry: Winter Will Be Over Soon

The good news about winter is that it's already a third of the way over. One of the fringe benefits of the holiday season is it often keeps us from noticing the dropping temps. Now that the calendar's flipped, we don't have the luxury of such distractions. We must bravely face the cold together—spa product supplier, esthetician, and client—and pine for the time when warmer weather will prevail, allowing us to happily discuss waxing and nail treatments once again. That day will be here soon enough.

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