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Cosmoprof 2015 Show Specials

Guess where we're headed this weekend? Vegas, baby. Sadly, there will be little time for any shenanigans because we're working. The team at Intrinsics will be attending Cosmoprof North America from July 12 to July 15, 2015 at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas, and Cosmoprof always demands that we be at our best. It's one of the most prestigious trade shows out there, boasting 946 exhibitors from 40 different countries, with over 27,000 total visitors. That means things like this just can't happen. We have to be on point, yo.

Check Out Our Special Cosmoprof Promotions

In honor of our annual pilgrimage to the desert, we've lined up some special Intrinsics promotions for those who stop by Booth #13135 to hang with us (and if you recall, our booth was a huge hit last year). You'll get 10% off orders of $2500 or more, or 15% off $5000 or more (that's right, we reward big spenders. In addition, we're also offering 10% off our Carolina Cotton Wipes and Pedicure Rope. Of course, there will also be samples galore for friends old and new.

Interested in Meeting With Us?

If you're not a fly-by-the-seat-of-your pants kind of guy or gal, and you'd like to schedule a specific meeting time with us, feel free to shoot us an email. We'd be more than happy to give you the lowdown on all things Intrinsics. These conversations, be they planned or spontaneous, are always our favorite aspect of Cosmoprof. We love to hear what our customers like and don't like about our products. We'll also enjoy seeing what our competition is up to. That always keeps us on our toes because there are so many innovative new products each year.

Here's a Little More About Cosmoprof

As we mentioned previously, Cosmoprof is a prestigious event, one designed for beauty industry professionals that focuses on distributors, OTC's, manufacturers, and buyers of professional beauty products and retail stores. Obviously, this is right in our wheelhouse. Along with learning about all of the products on the market, spa and salon owners are offered a variety of educational opportunities, such as current trends and best business practices. This year's show looks to be even bigger and better—and we hope to see you there.

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