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Benefits of Using Single-Use Spa Products

Whether you're a spa owner or an esthetician, you probably spend a lot of time figuring out ways to enhance your services. Of course, if you're viewing what you do as a "service," then you're already getting off on the wrong foot. Your clients can get the services they're after—whether that's for hair care, nail service, or wax treatments—anywhere. What keeps them coming back is an exceptional customer service experience. 

Your Single-Use Supplies Say A Lot About You

Fair or not, your customers will judge your book by its cover. Examples of this include keeping your spa tidy, having a friendly demeanor during service, and the products that you use. To enhanced the client experience, there simply has to be a sense of meticulousness. Every detail plays a role, and those details add up to a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts. One of those details is certainly the products you choose to use. Here are seven benefits of single-use spa products to consider when the time comes to place your next order:

1. Sanitation

Much like with a visit to the doctor's office, clients want to know your products are one and done. There are certain supplies that serve one purpose—simply for the sake of sanitation—and in spas and salons, much of what is used falls in this category. That provides your clients with peace of mind immediately.

2. Convenience

An obvious benefit of single-use spa products is that they're huge time-savers. There's no washing. There's no folding. There's no worrying about stained sheets that will ultimately be tossed out anyway. Single-use keeps your operation streamlined, and estheticians can keep their focus where it should be: on their clients.

3. Efficiency

Efficiency is a two-pronged advantage: you're saving money, and you're saving time by avoiding inadequate solutions. While trial and error in any profession is often required to sustain success, using lesser products is not the right place for experimentation. Paying a premium for the tools of your trade takes one variable out of the equation from the get-go.

4. Impression

Your clients know the difference between a superior customer service experience and an inferior one. After a subpar treatment, their chances of returning are slim to none. It's much like going to a five-star restaurant and receiving poor service; even if the food was fantastic, people harp on the negative. With premium single-use spa products, you take a significant step toward ensuring an impeccable experience.

5. Environmental Friendliness

If you're using premium single-use supplies, then you're probably using many that are 100% cotton. With single-use spa products, it's easy to feel guilty for tossing them into the garbage can all day long. With cotton completely compostable, much of that guilt should lift from your shoulders. Really, there's no fiber that's more sustainable.

6. Customer-Preferred Cotton

Piggybacking off #5, the use of premium products typically translates to the use of cotton. Customers are comfortable with cotton. Its history of safety and comfort are unparalleled. But it's also customer preferred: 90% of all consumers recognize the Seal of Cotton, and it has high preference percentages for other applications such as feminine care and baby wipes, too. With single-use supplies constantly coming into contact with clients' skin, cotton is a no-brainer here, too.

7. Versatility

Though single-use, many products have a variety of different capabilities. For example, a cleansing towel isn't limited to pre-facial or pre-waxing prep; it can be used to sooth and moisturize the skin after treatments, or even simply for makeup removal. Some estheticians even use them to clean their work spaces. The point: some single-use supplies serve multiple functions.

Create the Consummate Experience

If nothing else, the key take-away here is to create a memorable experience, and move away from thinking of your expertise as a service. Just that philosophical shift will go a long way toward enhancing what happens the moment a client walks through your doors. Here, single-use spa products are just one of the details that will ensure that experience isn't simply good, but unforgettable.

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