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August Promotions: A Tremendous Skin Care Tandem

Okay, let’s get real for a second: it’s important to take care of your face. While that may seem like an obvious statement, there are plenty of examples of people who do the exact opposite. That’s why professional spa and salon owners are so important: they often take better care of their clients’ faces than their clients actually do.

Unique Promotions for Facials

That’s why our August promotions are focused firmly on facials. Our double-tipped Glycolic Applicators are arguably the best on the market, and our 12-Ply Gauze is also a spa and salon staple. Together they represent a dynamic duo for our skin care line-up.

Glycolic Applicators: Lint-Free and Easy

One thing you know about Intrinsics: we keep our product names fairly straightforward. Glycolic Applicators are, of course, the best products on the market for applying glycolic acid during a facial. Why, you ask? Because they’re lint-free and non-absorbent. These two traits allow the acid to release properly onto the skin—where it’s supposed to go—so that it isn’t soaked back up into the applicator.

12-Ply Gauze: All Naturelle

Our 12-Ply Gauze is medical-grade, and can be used during microdermabrasion or any other exfoliation or abrasion-based facial service where high quality and superior safety is required. Quality and safety is where our cotton products provide a distinct advantage—and that’s especially the case with our Naturelle Products. (And, of course, our Gauze is made of 100% Naturelle cotton.)

In closing, we hope this promotional pair makes your facials easier to perform, and that your clients’ experience is only made all that better.

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