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February Promotions: The Cold Reality of Winter Waxing

Maybe your clients are dreaming of the beach, even in the dead of winter. Maybe they're headed for a ski retreat, where they'll hit the slopes and then burn off the rest of the day in a hot tub. Maybe they're prepping for their Valentine's Day date night. Or maybe they're simply masochists, and enjoy the discomfort that comes from a good waxing. Really, there's no way to know. What we do know is that it's never too soon to receive a wax treatment, and that your clients want them year-round.

Keeping it Comfortable and Sanitary

Just like all of your treatments, the right products make a significant difference. With waxing being one of the more delicate treatments that estheticians deliver, comfort and sanitation are key qualities that must be taken into account. While we have a variety of promotional products this month, for the purposes of this topic we'll remain waxcentric, and highlight two products that can enhance those specific treatments.

Disposable Bikinis: Superior Comfort & Universal Fit

Believe it or not, disposable bikinis are as important to waxing treatments as the wax is. When made from a soft fiber blend, they provide breathable comfort and ideal coverage. Sizing is never an issue either; the best ones have an extra wide waistband that allows for a universal fit. Another key characteristic to look for with disposable bikinis is individual wrapping. This ensures sanitation for waxing treatments—and for additional skin treatments as well.

Waxing Rolls & Strips: Pellon Material + Size Options

You can't talk about waxing without discussing waxing rolls and strips, right? They do all of the heavy lifting—or waxing, that is—so they must be made of high-quality material. For this product, that's strong pellon material. What you never want is a waxing strip tearing during a treatment. At worst, that could lead to disaster. At best, it will lead to embarrassment. When buying these products, size matters, too. Many estheticians want the ability to use large rolls as well as smaller pre-cut strips for maximum flexibility.

Sample Brands to Find the Options You Trust

Waxing, no matter the season, is a treatment that takes a skilled esthetician. As we've discussed, the second important piece of the waxing puzzle is high-quality professional spa and salon products. Here we've shown two key elements—disposable bikinis and waxing rolls and strips—that can go a long way toward ensuring client satisfaction and confidence. The best way for you to find the right products is to sample, sample, sample. Only then will you find the most trustworthy options.

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