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Upgrading Our Tiny Little Corner Of The Internet With Website Redesign

If you’ve come this far, you’ve probably already noticed: we’ve totally revamped the small stamp of real estate we own out in here in the webiverse. Aside from launching this brand spanking new blog, our entire Intrinsics website has undergone a massive overhaul. And—if we’re being completely honest—we’re pretty proud of it around here. In fact, just last week we had a party at Intrinsics HQ to celebrate the launch. And by party, we mean we crammed into a small room, let out a large whoop, patted ourselves on the back, and then got directly back to work. Because there’s always more work to be done. We know you know how that is.

But we seriously couldn’t be more excited about how our new site turned out. We knew it was time for an upgrade, and that our loyal customers deserved one. And just so you know, we had two goals for our website when we started:

  1. To create a layout that was simpler and easier for you to use.
  2. To provide clear and vital information on our professional salon and spa supplies.

We feel like we checked off these two boxes emphatically. And as far as goal #2 goes, that will continue with the introduction of this blog. Starting now—literally, right now as you’re reading this—this will be the go-to spot for all things Intrinsics, ranging from product updates to trade shows to, really, whatever shenanigans we can think of.

So, for symmetry’s sake, today we want to ask two simple things of you:

  1. Check out our new site and let us know what you think. (We love feedback.)
  2. Bookmark our new blog. (It’s going to be so epic.)

See? We promised it was simple.

Topics:   Catch all, Announcements, blog, website redesign