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Top Four Complaints About Professional Spa and Salon Products

With our years of experience working with spas and salons—remember, our history dates back to the 1980s—we’ve seen and heard just about everything when it comes to the beauty industry. Not to focus on the negative, but this does include complaints. Luckily, when it comes to professional spa and salon products, we’re rarely on the receiving end of those complaints—but when we hear about product deficiencies, our goal is to improve our products year in and year out to ensure we’re never the cause for one of those complaints.

Today we thought we’d highlight some of those product complaints, simply for the sake of helping spa and salon owners, along with estheticians, make better product choices. Not surprisingly, most of the complaints revolve around performance. Here are four we commonly hear:

1. Durability

For single-use products, durability can come across as counterintuitive. If you’re only using a product once, why should you expect it to be durable? But when you place durability within the context of a treatment, it becomes much clearer. Here we’re not talking about long-term durability, but the durability for a specific treatment. For example, if you’re using a cheap cotton wipe that tears in half while you’re exfoliating a client’s skin, then it wasn’t durable for one of the jobs it was designed for. Material strength plays an important role here; estheticians need single-use products that can withstand the rigors of their treatments since that directly impacts the client experience.

2. Absorbability

Using a product that doesn’t have the right amount of absorbability for a given treatment is another complaint we’ve heard many times over the years. While it’s important to note that there are occasions when estheticians might be using the wrong product—for example, using a cotton round when a cellulose sponge is a better option—a product claiming to be absorbent that isn’t can cause problems, especially when you need to remove product from a client’s skin. Keep in mind that absorbency goes both ways; products can be designed to be nonabsorbent too, so it’s important to make sure you’re reading the fine print to get the ideal product for the application you need it for.

3. Residue

From sponges to cotton products, there’s no greater sign of an inferior product than one that leaves behind a residue on the skin. This is a major complaint because it doesn’t just fail at its job—it makes the job harder. Whether you’re applying or removing, having to backtrack to remove lint or “sponge dust” creates more work at best, and serves as a major embarrassment at worst.

4. Consistency

While the first three items on this list shouldn’t come as a shock, product consistency is one that often flies under the radar—even though it directly affects the bottom line of professional spas and salons. We’ve heard countless tales of spa and salon owners reordering a product only to find discrepancies in quality and size. In fact, we’ve even heard that basis weights of boxes tend to fluctuate. Whether this is in error or on purpose, it’s unacceptable.

Superior Products Lead to Superior Treatments

Here at Intrinsics, we’ve offered superior professional spa and salon products from our inception, and over the years have continued to improve our existing products, as well as introduce new ones. The four complaints above are a huge reason why we’ve been so successful; inferior products only help our cause. Typically, when spa and salon owners and estheticians try our products, they are repeat buyers. When you buy Intrinsics products you get products built to perform—and our shipments are the same, every time.

If you’re new to our products, request a free sample pack. That way you don’t have to take our word for it—you can judge the quality for yourself.

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