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We are thankful for YOU!

As 2018 comes to a close, we are taking a moment to reflect on how grateful we are for our customers.

To the spa and salon professionals, nail technicians, and hair gurus: thank you for choosing Intrinsics! To express our gratitude, we’ve listed some of the major reasons why you’re awesome:

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A person’s skin is their body’s largest organ, therefore it needs all the attention and maintenance it can get. This is where you superstar estheticians come in. You keep your client’s skin healthy and happy, while also being their go-to for professional guidance about skin care.

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Nail Technicians

No one can deny that nails are the key to feeling special, no matter the occasion. Whether your client chooses a manicure with a top coat or an elaborate full set, you are the professional that helps them achieve whatever look they’re aiming for.

Hair Stylists and Barbers

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As a hair professional, you know that hair is essential to a person’s entire look; it’s the frame for the face and the right hairstyle can enhance all of your client’s best features. You provide a range of helpful advice to every client, such as how to maintain healthy hair and styling recommendations.


To all of our end-users and distributors, thank you for choosing Intrinsics!

Are you a professional thinking about trying Intrinsics? Order your free sample book today!

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