New year, new hair-do.

Aside from coloring, adding texture to your hair is a great way achieve a new look. If you’re looking for long-term curl, getting a perm from your local salon is the best route to take. For a look that lasts for two or three days, a no-heat method using cotton is a great way to go.




Unlike rayon, cotton is biodegradable and far more sustainable, therefore it is better for the environment. Taking the ecological impact into account is very important when it comes to choosing professional single-use supplies. As a professional, Intrinsics wants you to have options, so we offer our cotton coil in these varieties:



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The Perfect Perm

Before any perm solution is applied to the hair, it is vital that the face and eyes are protected with a barrier. Your first choice for this protector should be cotton; it will not only absorb a considerable amount of liquid, but the cotton actually gets stronger with use. Intrinsics offers cotton coils in multiple sizes, making it easy to snip off just the right amount so there is no waste.


No Heat, No Problem

For those who prefer a short-term curl, cotton curls will be your new overnight go-to. Because there are no bulky plastic rollers or paper towel that easily falls apart, you can wear the curls to sleep for maximum hold, with no problem or discomfort.


Here are the steps to achieving no-hassle, heatless curls:

  1. Start by sectioning your hair, leaving the part where it normally lies
  2. Lightly spray the section with hairspray and let it dry
  3. Simply cut off the amount of cotton you need
  4. Roll the hair onto the strip
  5. Secure the cotton with a knot or an elastic
  6. Lightly spritz with hairspray


Curls are the perfect way to add texture and spice up any hairstyle. What better time for a new hairstyle than a new year! The choice of a salon perm or no-heat curls is up to you, we know you’ll look fabulous either way.

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