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Trendy Toes: Summer Pedicure Ideas

Your toes have been tucked away all winter long and now it’s time for some summer action! Here are some of our favorite summer pedicure trends.

Not Just For Picnics

Kiwi, watermelon, pineapple, cherries: why not show your love for your favorite fruit on your toes? Adding an accent color, like a bright pink or teal, can help tone down virtually any pattern.




Let’s Get Patriotic

The Fourth of July is right around the corner. Plan this pedicure look for your holiday barbeque and boat ride. And there will be no need for fireworks because your pedi will steal the show! This design is one that can can easily pair with a matching manicure.




Chill Out

Taking a vacation to an exotic destination this summer? Bring glow with you everywhere you go! Statement nails will spice up any outfit, this includes bringing in an accent color alongside a pattern. 3D art, especially crystals and jewels, are great for a special occasion trip like a honeymoon, bridal shower, or birthday. Pedicures like these guarantee to make a statement!




Trendy Meets Toe Rope

With these intricate patterns and designs, how do you keep the toes from touching and messing up all of your hard work? That’s where the Intrinsics Toe Rope comes in! The Toe Rope is not only a genius, one-of-a-kind design unlike anything else on the market, but it’s also made of 100% cotton, which makes it extremely soft and durable. As if that wasn’t enough, since our Toe Rope is completely made of cotton, it’s completely biodegradable! Watch our quick tutorial below on how to use this wonder-tool.



We hope you try these nail designs, stick those trendy toes in the sand, and enjoy your summer! What your favorite go-to nail design for summer? Let us know on social!

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