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8 Uses for Intrinsics Cellulose Sponges

Who would’ve thought we could get so many uses out of one sponge? The Intrinsics Cellulose Sponge truly does it all! Here are 8 different ways to use this wonder-sponge. 

1. Exfoliating Face & Body

Exfoliating is definitely on our Top 10 favorite things to do (ever) because it never goes out of trend! No matter what the latest beauty fad or skincare hack is, exfoliation is forever. Therefore, you need a tool that will stand up to the wear and tear that comes with regular exfoliation. Are you thinking what we’re thinking? Yep, the Intrinsics Cellulose Sponge! And the awesome thing about our sponges is that you can use the different shapes for varying areas of the body. For example, use the heart-shape sponges for the face, especially around the nose and eye areas. For larger surface areas like arms and legs, use our circular sponges. 


2. Removing Masks

Masks, especially clay and mud masks, can be a pain to get off if you’re not using the correct tools! As we mentioned in the Face & Body section above, our heart-shaped sponges are the ideal size and shape for any face. The curved tops and blunt edges at the bottom are used to better fit the contours of the face for effortless removal. With these cuties, even the most difficult of masks can be easily removed. Plus, they’re super cute. Can’t beat that! 


3. Nail Polish Remover

We weren’t kidding when we said our Cellulose Sponges were wonder-sponges! They really can do it all, and that includes removing nail polish. See the video below for our super simple DIY Nail Polish Remover Jar using the round Intrinsics Cellulose Sponges. 


4. No-drip Ice Pack

Don’t you hate when you use an ice pack but, after it melts, water seems to get everywhere? Us too! Ice cubes in tea towels aren't practical, a they fall everywhere and don't lie flat onto the skin. For a super-simple easy-to-make ice pack: grab a few Intrinsics Cellulose Sponges, thoroughly wet them so that they are soaking (but not dripping all over the place), stick them in a plastic bag and then into the freezer. Allow them to freeze and then use whenever needed! 


5. Traveling

In the times of COVID, traveling can seem like a distant memory. However, this tip is timeless! Next time you travel, don’t forget your Intrinsics Cellulose Sponges to refresh mid-trip or wash your face while on the road. These sponges are disposable, so there are no hesitations about throwing it out before returning home. The compressed sponge form is the easiest for traveling, too, because it’s compact size saves a ton of space. 


6. Protecting Furniture and Flooring

Surface scratches on a beautiful floor can be devastating! Flooring is not easy to replace. If you have chairs or tables in your house that get moved often (we’re looking at you, playroom!), try slipping an Intrinsics Cellulose Sponge under the legs to keep from direct contact with your flooring. This is where the varying colors and shapes can get fun! Mix it up and alternate between the yellow and the pink heart-shaped sponges underneath the legs for a playful feel. To ensure the sponges stay securely in place, try hot glue! 


7. Cleaning 

Speak of keeping the house spic and span, we have more good news! Our cellulose sponges make for perfect cleaning companions. Because these sponges are made of durable cellulose, they can be reused over and over again for cleaning. They can withstand a fair amount of use before needing to be replaced. Personally I like to keep the round sponge under my sink for quick clean up, especially on those early mornings when brushing your teeth looks kinda like a splatter painting on the mirror...admit it, we’ve all been there!


8. The Perfect Gift

Whether you’re a licensed professional or an everyday beauty lover, the Intrinsics Cellulose Sponges make perfect gifts. Do you ever want to give a skin care gift but aren’t sure how your recipient’s skin will handle it? These sponges are suitable for all skin types, so you can be rest assured that your loved one will be taken care of.



So far we’ve discussed 8 great ways to use your Intrinsics Cellulose Sponges, but what are the benefits to these sponges? 

  • The heart shaped sponges have three edges for those hard to reach & sensitive places. Great for around the eyes & nose.
  • Soft and absorbent
  • Quickly plumps to full size
  • Make the most out of any storage space
  • Great for cleansing the face, removing makeup, or removing product during facials
  • Made in U.S.A.


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