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Our Favorite Fall Nail Trends

Next to Christmas, Fall is our favorite time of year for nail designs! There are so many different routes you can take with these designs that you might be at the salon every two weeks with a new idea this season. Take a look at these designs we discovered on Pinterest:

A Halloween Extravaganza

You’ll be the cutest ghoul this Halloween with nail designs like these! Ghosts, pumpkins, bats and zombies, there's a little something for everyone. Check out the fang shaped nails on the bottom left, talk about going above and beyond for the holiday! 


Black Base

A great way to make a statement is applying a color and/design to a stark black background. This is a chance to make some neon pop or show off a minimal design by choosing a black backdrop. Add some extra pizazz with Louboutin-inspired red bottom nails and we guarantee all the talk will be on your nails! 

Be-leaf in Yourself

You’ll be making all the fall puns with these gorgeous fall imagery inspired nails. What we love most about these types of nails is the variety of different things you can do with them! Dress them up with sparkles, match them with accent colors, the possibilities are truly endless. The hard part is deciding where to start.

A Quiet Fall Morning

Muted palettes are always a classic go-to. The great thing about these types of nail trends is that they never get old! Neutral colors match with almost everything, which is important if you are the type of person who needs that flexibility in their nail design. 


True Autumn Red

Have you ever seen a red so radiant that you just want to swim in it? These shades we found on Pinterest are some of the most gorgeous pigments on the market and what a fun way to celebrate an equally gorgeous season? 


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