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Spas and Salons: They’re For Men, Too

Let's be honest: spas and salons mostly cater to women. When you start discussing manis/pedis, wax jobs, and facials, you don't typically envision a man sitting in an esthetician's chair. However, spas and salons have a lot to offer men—and yes, we're including some of the treatments we've already mentioned. If spa and salon owners aren't targeting men in their marketing efforts, they're missing out on potential opportunities. More importantly, men who are trying to be too macho are also missing out on beneficial treatments, too. Here are just a few examples.

Dudes Love Massages

Let's start with the least threatening treatment to a man's masculinity, the massage. While the manliest of men might not ever submit to a facial or a manicure—even if deep down they want one—every man loves a good massage, whether or not they get a couples massage or fly solo. From a spa and salon standpoint, massages are a great entry point for men since it gives you an opportunity to offer them new services and explain the benefits. Like the saying goes, the first step is just getting them in the door.

Boys Shouldn't Fear Facials

In the battle of the sexes, it's no secret that men usually win out in the aging department. While women are left seeking miracle anti-aging products, an aging man's silvery locks and weathered skin seemingly makes him even more handsome. However, at some point the wrinkles will take their toll, and there are clarifying facials that help promote healthy skin. That's why even Men's Health magazine encourages men to get facials. To quote the magazine: "... the real motivation to get your skin handled by the pros is the same reason you have a mechanic work on your car: They can do it better than you can."

Manicures Aren't Necessarily Unmanly

Manicures are definitely a feminine frontier; some women are lucky if their boyfriend or husband even remembers to cut their fingernails or toenails. They're often left dealing with something like this. But while men might be hush-hush about it, they are getting manicures, especially executive types who are hoping to pull off a polished look (but no polish on their nails, mind you). Details.com also notes that manis and pedis are more en vogue than ever thanks to athletes and celebrities openly endorsing—and getting—them.

Sometimes Hairier Is Scarier

After Steve Carell immortalized the male wax job in The 40-Year-Old Virgin, it's easy to understand why a man would never want to submit himself to what looks like a special form of torture. However, it's also important for a man to ask himself what's worse: experiencing a short stretch of pain, or sporting a hairy back that makes you look like a gorilla. No one wants to look at furry Hobbit feet, either. There's a difference between being a waxed-chest body-builder and simply taking care of overly hairy areas.

It Only Takes One Treatment

Based on anecdotal evidence we've received over the years, once a man tries one of these treatments for the first time, they're often hooked once they experience the benefits. So to close the spa and salon gender gap, spas and salons have to market effectively to men, whether that's male-specific promotions or special referral rewards. Of course, it's on the shoulders of men, too. Being open-minded and living in the moment—and dropping the macho act—might lead to rewarding treatments that have long-lasting benefits.

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