If you’re looking for nail inspiration for either prom or graduation (or both), take a look at Pinterest boards and you will find everything you’re searching for. We’ve found some styles we think you’ll love.

purple prom nails

Magnificent Matte

If you’re wanting a minimal, but elegant, look for your special day, try out a matte finish for your nails. You can choose a color to match or complement your outfit. Wearing a red gown for graduation? A forest green or gold tone might be exactly what you’re looking for.


sparkle nails graduation prom

Not Your Mom’s French Manicure

Nails like these would be a great choice if you're looking for an accent nail with a unique take on a french mani. Applying the metallic sparkle is great for prom! This style will look good with virtually any outfit, so your manicure will match with your everyday clothing after prom too.


blue and pink nails for prom

Keep ‘Em Separated

If you’re graduating and attending prom, having a dual colored manicure would work for both events. A color separator, like the silver one in this photo, is ideal for a single-colored gown because it brings a new. You can choose complementing colors or even monochrome set with different hues.


nails for prom and graduation

The Gold Rush

As we mentioned above, we love minimal nails and metallic flair. Nails like these are a lovely combination of both! They will match with your everyday outfits, but so you don’t have to change colors after your special day.


Once you’re ready for a new manicure, you’re going to need to take the current one off. You’re going to need a professional, lint-free nail wipe with enough strength to get through the removal. This is why Intrinsics created the Nail Tech’s Choice; these wipes come with an abrasive gauze surface encased a 100% cotton filling, making it the ideal polish remover.


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