Last week I visited Marcella Hardy, a medical esthetician at Tanglez Salon and Spa in Wilmington, NC. Marcella has been awarded Wilmington’s Best Esthetician three years in a row.

I heard a lot about the magic of Marcella’s services, so I decided to make an appointment for myself.

Since this was my first facial, Marcella set aside five minutes to explain her steps and what exactly to expect during the process.


Marcella began by cleansing my face. Although I wasn’t wearing any makeup, she noted that this was still a necessary step to ensure my face was as clean as possible. She used a steamer, a vibrating tool to expel any whiteheads, and then did a mild extraction before applying the facial.

intrinsics facial


In my opinion, the actual facial application is where Marcella excels. She applied her homemade, organic coconut lime facial with an Intrinsics Silken Wipe and I was in heaven! It smelt amazing and the softness of the Silken Wipe was the icing on the cake.

Remove + Exfoliate

Marcella removed the product with one of my favorite Intrinsics products, the Cellulose Sponge, and wiped the excess off with a Cotton Wipe. She then exfoliated with a homemade sugar scrub, which is just what my combination skin needed. Lastly, Marcella applied a heated mask and wrapped my face in a warm, wet towel and let me drift off to dreamland for about 10-15 minutes. After removing the mask, she used a serum and moisturizer on my face.

intrinsics facial

Getting regular facials is not only healthy for your skin, but also for your overall well-being. Woman or man, taking time out of your busy schedule for a bit of self-care makes all the difference! I thoroughly enjoyed my first facial and will be back to get another one next month. Make an appointment today with your local esthetician, you won’t be disappointed.

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