We don’t call Intrinsics Cellulose Sponges® the facial’s best friend for nothing! For obvious reasons, these multi-use sponges are always a professional’s favorite.


Marcella Hardy, an esthetician based out of Wilmington, NC, explains the benefits of Intrinsics Cellulose Sponges and how to use them. Find these at: https://bit.ly/2PENG6V



Whether you’re at home or in the spa, the Intrinsics Cellulose Sponges are a staple in any beauty routine. What are some ways you can use this wonder-sponge?

  • Mask removal
  • Washing the face
  • Makeup removal
  • Face massages
  • Facials
  • For sensitive areas, like around the eyes and nose



When it comes to skin care, practicality is key. You need a tool that is gentle and non-irritating, but can get the job done. Here are some benefits of our cellulose sponges:

  • The heart-shaped sponges have three edges for hard to reach areas
  • Soft and absorbent
  • The compressed cellulose sponges make the most out of any storage space because of their small size
  • Can be used once or multiple times on the same person
  • Made in the USA
  • Available in white, natural, and pink heart-shaped
  • Make great gifts for clients and estheticians alike


But do you know what the best thing about the Intrinsics Cellulose Sponges are? Anyone can use them! Professionals, take a look at our map to find which distributors near you carry Intrinsics. Non-licensed users, you may purchase them directly from PricePRO.






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