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March Promotions: Two All-Purpose Spa and Salon Products

As you know, each month we shine a spotlight on our monthly promotions. Typically, we pair up our spa and salon products with similar professional applications, such as wax treatments, nail care, skin care—basically all of the awesome things that professional estheticians do. However, this month we're highlighting two products that are all-purpose all-stars. Honestly, we don't know how any spa or salon could live without them. In fact, we'd go as far to say that if a spa owner doesn't have the right towels or cotton rounds, your estheticians probably don't like you very much. (Just kidding. They love you. Dearly.)

Streamline for Your Bottom Line

Certain products are specialty products, while others are standards that serve a variety of uses. We like to think of these types of products as spa and salon workhorses. Do-it-all supplies aren't just great because of their potential for use in multiple applications; they're also great because they'll often save you money since you won't need to purchase some of those one-trick pony products. Streamlining your inventory can be a boon for your bottom line. But enough about horses and whatnot. Let's discuss a couple of products.

Cleansing Towels Can Have Countless Uses 

Cleansing towels are a perfect example of an all-purpose product. Really, they can be used in any circumstance where a single-use supply needs to come in contact with a client's skin. They're ideal for cleaning or prepping before treatment. For example, they can be used to remove make-up before a facial. And if they're infused with natural botanicals—like our Gentle Cleansing Towels are—they can prep the skin before a wax treatment. Those same moisturizing features make them ideal for soothing skin post-treatment, too. Since many of your clients have sensitive skin, the right towel—one that provides a blend of comfort and performance—is crucial for performing a variety of treatments.

With Cotton Rounds, Focus on the "Cotton" Part

Cotton rounds are another classic. For this product, it starts with the material: it must be soft for when it comes into contact with skin, but it must also be strong enough for wet or dry use. Premium cotton must be used to avoid shedding. Our option uses our Naturelle™ cotton—which also explains why our cotton rounds are called Naturelles™—which is known for its high quality. Once again, a product like this spans across your entire service line. In fact, the right cotton round can even be used as eye pads.

Estheticians Need Ample Samples

Like we always say, the products you use reflect on the type of experience your spa or salon is striving to provide. Sampling always tells the tale. By allowing estheticians to work with different options will you uncover which ones work best—and which ones might replace a group of supplies instead of just one. All-purpose products can go a long way towards delivering superior performance, but can offer hidden financial benefits, too.

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