What really classifies as being game-ready this March Madness season?

It isn’t all about the game anymore.

It’s about the fresh kicks, slick jerseys, and most importantly, the haircut. With over 17 million viewers watching the title game last year (Carolina vs Gonzaga), the cut is important.

If your team is out of the tournament and your brackets are ruined, you can join the millions judging the best hair-do’s of this year’s NCAA Tournament. Unlike years past when you saw one or two new cuts, at least one player from every team has a cut that deserves a second look.


Leading players for the coolest cuts in the game!

Take DJ Wilson’s (Michigan) Fro-hawk for example. Tapered on the sides, natural and free at the top. Another trendsetter is Braian Angola-Rodas (FL State), whose hair is a similar style to Wilson’s, but with a manicured outlined-look around the ears and sideburns. Joel Berry II (Carolina) lead the way in unique styles with his hair-beard combo. Joel’s style is a free flowing Fro-hawk with a manicured beard, which is a look that many desire. There are plenty more players left in the tournament to watch out for: Gabe Devoe (Clemson), PJ Savoy (FL State), Lagerald Vick (Kansas), and Marques Bolden (Duke).


Beards, cuts, and skin care

Beards, cuts, and skin care are super important, even to NCAA champions. If you don’t believe us, ask your local professional. According to esthetician Marcella Hardy (of Tanglez Salon in Wilmington, NC), here are several benefits of regular skin care and beard maintenance.

  1. Daily skin care prevents redness, acne, wrinkles, and fights the aging process. Yes, men face that, as well as the ladies.
  2. Facials and skin regimens are nothing vain or feminine. Your skin is the largest organ and needs daily measures to keep it healthy.
  3. Benefits of beard treatments are: no more itching, beard-ruff, smelly beards, rough hairs, or rashes. Ladies love cool beards, take a poll and you will see!
  4. The #1 recommended product for beards is beard oil. It is the first layer of protection against elements.
  5. Beard brushes are also pretty popular; they soften the hair follicle, spread natural oils for a healthier look, and they also mold and shape the beard.


Branded shoes, socks, and tattoos aren’t the only thing your favorite NCAA players are using to create a statement. He is using a fresh cut from his local barber to add a new dimension to his game. Next time you make an appointment with your barber, ask them about Intrinsics Neck Strips. Our neck strips help avoid loose hairs and irritation from the cape being directly on the neck. This strip is softer and has more stretch, making your visit that much more comfortable.

So sit back, enjoy the rest of the tournament, and look for cool cuts on your favorite players.


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