The word “reveal” carries with it a certain cachet. Whether you’re revealing a new product or a new service, it’s easy to get pumped up when “reveal” is involved. So we’re obviously excited to be featured prominently in ISPA’s April Reveal Box for spa professionals.

Our Towels Made The Cut

Our Gentle Cleansing Towels will be front and center in these Reveal Boxes, which are delivered to 200 spa professionals that represent ISPA’s most engaged spa members. The box will be filled with the who’s who of spa brands, and presented as an exclusive look at the 2014 must-have products for spas. Just know we’re blushing as we write this.

For us, this is awesome. Why? Because it allows us to place one of our most popular products in front of decision-makers from resort spas, day spas, medical spas and destination spas. Yes, there are really that many kinds of spas out there. And they all go a long way towards making the world a much better place.

Truth In Customer Feedback

As far as those Reveal Boxes go, per ISPA they always get incredible feedback. Want proof in the form of testimonials and stats? Well, here you go:

  • “This is a wonderful way to source vendors throughout the year as opposed to waiting for ISPA Conference.”
  • “I loved it! I’m considering carrying some of the products as retail items because of it.”
  • “Love this idea and look forward to more. Caught my attention and I’m more likely to do business with these vendors because they are associated with ISPA than if they had just sent me samples on their own.”
  • 92% of the Reveal Box recipients either plan to place an order or are considering placing an order with the Reveal Box sponsor as a result of receiving the Reveal Box.
  • 99% of the recipients found the Reveal Box to be a valuable resource.

And there you have it. We certainly hope you’re one of the 200 spas receiving a Reveal Box. Of course, if you’re not, you can always just hit us up for some samples. We’re good for it.

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