In early March, the Intrinsics sales team attended the 2018 IECSC NY show at the Javits Center in New York City.

The IECSC NY show is special in that it’s the largest spa and wellness show in the Northeast. 2018 was a record setting year with over 16,200 spa and salon professionals in attendance. We noticed trends across multiple facets of the industry: the mobile medical spa service, eyebrow and eyelash treatments, as well as anti-aging remedies, just to name a few.

Photo courtesy of Gerry Udell’s social media team

Move Over, Uber!

The latest trend is the mobile medical spa. In the last few years, the trend of on-demand concierge and pop-up spa services has skyrocketed. You get the services you need, whenever and wherever you want it. Talk about taking convenience to the next level!


Photo courtesy of Gerry Udell’s social media team

All About the Eyes

It’s no secret that eyes are going to be a huge focus in 2018. At IECSC, you could not walk down an aisle without seeing someone getting an eyelash treatment, a brow wax, or a microblading service. Many of these eyelash and eyebrow technicians were from Brow Design International, Godefroy Innovative Beauty Products, and Bella Lash. In the mornings, professionals would stop by our booth for their demo supplies. We told you, the professionals love Intrinsics!

The most sought-after Intrinsics products for these services were the NEW 3” Cotton Ovals made of 100% pure, medical-grade cotton. Another popular product among the technicians were our Pillowettes. Like the Cotton Ovals, the Intrinsics Pillowettes are made with 100% pure, medical-grade cotton. The one-of-a-kind design features soft woven cotton with a space on the backside made to fit two fingers perfectly. The unique pillow design enables easy, confident, and controlled movements around the delicate eye area AND they are lint free. These spa techs would finish up their service with the Intrinsics Gentle Cleansing Towel, which is a hypoallergenic wipe made of 100% pure cotton.


Photo courtesy of Gerry Udell’s social media team

Reversing the Clock

As far as anti-aging services goes, non-surgical lifts are a huge trend right now. One of the booths with the most activity was Bring It Up, Inc. Bring It Up featured patented products for non-surgical breast lifts and shapers, as well as face lifts focused on the brow and neck area. Once a service primarily reserved for celebrities, this is something everyone can have access to. Problem areas, be gone!

Shelli's selfie with the Intrinsics booth

Silken Wipes for a Year

One of the lucky attendants, Shelli (of Gorham, NH) won a year supply of Silken Wipes just by posting a selfie with our booth! Congrats, Shelli! Enjoy those Silken Wipes. Thank you to everyone who participated in this awesome giveaway.


Overall, IECSC 2018 was a huge success. The show allowed us to reach out and talk with spa technicians, make-up artists, and stylists. Our next stop is in June at the Premiere Orlando show in Orlando, FL. Sunshine and coastline, here we come!


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