The Intrinsics® team recently attended the International Beauty Exposition at Bally’s in Las Vegas in January. Here’s our inside scoop.

What is IBE?

The International Beauty Exposition, formerly known as the Western and Eastern Buying Conference, was established in the mid 80’s. This year’s show celebrated its 34th anniversary!

The purpose of IBE is to facilitate networking opportunities for beauty professionals, including manufacturers, distributors, and OTC stores. In addition to networking, this conference also gives professionals the change to buy and sell products.

Dave Albers at our IBE booth!

So what else does IBE have to offer?

  • Getting a first-hand look at the newest and finest beauty products
  • Discovering professional beauty manufacturers that are new to the market
  • Meeting other professionals in the industry and learn ways to expand sales
  • Learning how to make more informed purchase decisions
  • Gaining access to exciting promotional discounts


Growing Industries and Trends

The great thing about the beauty industry is that it’s constantly changing, innovating, and evolving. Trends ranging from CBD products to glossy lips and rainbow hair gained enormous traction in 2018.


\The dipping powder process continues to rise in the nail world. Pushing ahead of artificial nails and gel polish, the ease of application and its claimed less-damaging effects continue to keep this product at the top of the market. Because of this growing nail trend, we are also seeing a rise in use of the Carbon Filtered Face Mask from Carolina Cotton. During the dipping process, the adhesive can emit unpleasant vapors. This is where the Carbon Face Mask comes in. This USA-made face mask has a BFE (Bacteria Filtration Efficiency) of 95%. Yep, you read that right. 95%! This is the highest among any mask sold in the beauty industry.



Visit Marlo Beauty Supply or Amazon to purchase this product. 

The barber industry is still very hot, especially in the beard oil and thickener areas. One product that has taken this category by storm is Godefroy’s product Thick. Thick is infused with Jamaican castor oil, which it helps a beard become thicker and softer while also promoting growth. And guess what? This product pairs perfectly with the Intrinsics Gentle Cleansing Towel! Our Gentle Cleansing Towel is made from 100% pure cotton so you can feel zero guilt about throwing it away after one use, because it is completely biodegradable. Because of its cotton make up, the cleansing towel is the strongest on the market. The Gentle Cleansing Towel is soaked in natural botanicals like green tea and cucumber, so will completely, and gently, cleanse the beard of dirt, grime, and airborne pollutants before applying Thick.

Both of these products can be found at Marlo Beauty Supply, Alum Rock Beauty Supply, and Amazon.

That’s a wrap for our 2019 IBE experience! Next stop, IBS-IECSC show at the Javits Center in New York City (March 10-12th) and the the Discover Beauty Show at the downtown Dallas Sheraton (March 24th + 25th). See you there!

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