Beauty Trends Through the Ages

For National Beautician’s Day, we first want to thank all of the amazingly talented hairdressers, nail techs, spa employees, and makeup artists who work to make every day more beautiful! Without you, the world would be full of clogged pores and unibrows. Thank you! To commemorate just how far we’ve come, we put together a history of beauty trends throughout the years.


moon manicure, 20s beauty trendsvia

Inspired by the different colors of cars, nail polish is widely manufactured and Revlon finds its foothold in the beauty industry. The moon manicure, where the tips of the nail are left unpolished, is popular.



jean harlow, 30s beauty trendsvia

Plucking one’s eyebrows becomes a mainstream practice and people go a little overboard. Thin, arched eyebrows are in vogue and brow pencils are used to carry the line to the end of the eye.



rancho la puerta, baja california


Rancho La Puerto, founded in Baja California, Mexico by Edmond and Deborah Szekely, becomes the first destination spa and fitness resort, touting a mind-body-spirit approach to healthy living.



50s beauty trends

Everyday beauty routines include Pond’s Cold Cream and cotton wool. You better like your curlers too, because sleeping in them was commonplace to achieve the curls popular at that time.



60s beauty trends


Waxing strips are introduced to the public for the first time and multi-product beauty routines, including cleansers, toners, and moisturizers, are introduced to the market.



70s beauty trendsvia

The FDA approves the ingredient necessary for self-tanners and the bronzed look remains popular today (although ingredients are safer and tans are less streaky). Other trends from this era, like wavy hair and the middle part, also managed to stand the test of time. 


80s beauty trends

Day spas begin to pop up all over the country, offering a variety of services to primarily wealthy female clients, although men begin to warm up to the idea.

1990s - present

As personal care becomes more important, wellness becomes a household term. Massage therapy goes mainstream, estheticians offer a kaleidoscope of facial and body treatments, makeup artists work wonders, and nail techs come up with new ideas for manicures and pedicures every day.

national beautician's day


What a wonderful time to be a beautician!




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