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GCT’s Cotton to the Core

Our Gentle Cleansing Towels are one of our most popular products. While it's possible this is in part due to its soothing name—who would ever buy a Violent Cleansing Towel, right?—we think it probably has more to do with its versatility, as well as the wonder fiber it's made of.

GCTs can be used for pre-facial cleanings and make-up removal. Since these towels feature white tea and bamboo botanicals, they're perfect for exfoliating and cleansing the skin. However, that also makes them perfect for prepping the skin before waxing treatments. While it's primarily a facial towel, it's important to remember that this is a professional spa and salon supply that estheticians can use for other treatments, too.

These towels are also 100% cotton. And they're not just cotton. They're our proprietary Naturelle™ cotton. This ensures that they're extremely soft and perfectly absorbent. If you were paying attention to the uses above, obviously those two traits are kind of important. And we can all agree that no fiber offers the ideal combination of softness and absorbency that cotton does.


In the beauty industry, you're often dealing with sensitive skin. You need spa and salon supplies that cater to clients with these hypoallergenic needs. Cotton is truly what puts the "gentle" in our Gentle Cleansing Towels. The natural botanicals only contribute to the soothing effect.

If you've checked out our site, you've probably seen our Sample Request page. It's there for a reason, so don't just stare at it—use it. We can sit here and tell you about how popular this product is until we're blue in the face. But using one, and getting client feedback, is always the best way to find out if you should add it to your beautification collection.

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